Fl Math Quiz/Contest

Hey you!

Yeah you! Cmon and try out this math quiz! This will be like a little contest!(Which it is).

The first 4 right people who send there answers get a reward,don’t worry everyone’s a winner!

12 questions in all!

1)If tina were to buy a $20.50 hat atMacy’s and they were having a 40% discount,how much would she pay??

2)If smiley was going to buy 3 laptops,each  $203.00 and there was a sale at Best Buy, 45% off each laptop you buy.How much will she pay for all 3 laptops?

3) Whats 333×1,050=_____________________

4) Whats -5533 + 555=____________________

5) Whats 5,000 divided by 33=_______________

6) Whats equivelent to 2/5 and 20/40?

7)If it takes Musicrox 10 minutes to get to school,she wakes up at 7:30,it takes her 5 minutes to get ready.She starts walking at 7:40 and stops to get food,it takes her 9 minutes to eat,she keeps walking,she stops to tie her shoe for 2 minutes.Then she stops at Maple’s house for 5 minutes.Her and Maple walk to school.Both stop at Bakura’s House for 5 minutes they each talk for 1 minute!Then all 3walked to school together.They stopped at Mint’s shop for 9 minutes to buy snacks!They were close to school,it would just take ’em 3 minutes to get there!

.How long did it take Musicrox to go to school?

.How can she improve to waste less time and what were the obsticals?


8)If cookies cost $3.50 in a bin and sakura buys 5 bins for $15.65 and 10 bins of jolly ranchers for $9.99 plus 3 bins of soda for $5.66!She has only $21.50. Does she have enough,explain?

9)Jackie has 556 books and 5 boxes.How amny books can she have in each box?How many will she have left?Will she have any left.If she does can she use another box?

10)Make a multiplication story

11)Make an addition story

12)Make a divison and subtraction story

Email me your answers!First for correct quizzes sent to me get prizes!No caculators allowed,if you use 1 your out!Must write your name and the true date! This will last from 3-13-11 to 3-29-11 !

1st Place: 3,500 starz, your picture shown on MY SITE,2 password protected access pass

2nd Place: 2,300 starz, your picture on MY SITE, a random picture

3rd Place:  1,000 starz, your name on MY SITE

4th place: 500 starz and your name on MY SITE

Email me your Fantage ID and Password ( If you want the starz if not then don’t). My email : fantagetown@yahoo.com

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Welcome to my mini profile! Hello, I'm IMaidensWing, a 13 year old artist,blogger and writer. I've been blogging since the age of 10, drawing since the age of 11, and writing for a long time. I'm administrator of Fantageland93/Sakura93's World and I'm happy to see my site grow. I am now heading out to my 8th grade year in September but until then I shall continue to produce artwork. If you would like to commission me on deviantART you may read my commission journal.

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