1000 free stars from GL


Since I haven’t posted in a long time, I have a pretty busy life right now. Lol.

www.fantage.com/GL, log in and you will get 1000 free stars. Easy as pie. Not really, pie is hard to make so I don’t get why they say that. o.o Easy as…as…as…counting 1, 2, 3! Haha.

the name is…

winter, dudes (:


99 thoughts on “1000 free stars from GL

      • Hey um it’s me you sister kitaboo52.Lol

        Your comment was edited by IMaidensWing due to password/account information. Please don’t put any personal info.

      • Hello Kitaboo52, I’m IMaidensWing, owner of this site. I had to edit your comment and the delete the other 2 you made. Please keep in mind that this is a kid friendly site and that bad language is not accepted, nor is personal info (I don’t want to be responsible for hacked accounts). But I welcome you to the site! 😀

  1. True..that kitaboo is civic real sister! but she might not be a cuz Kitaboo is my buddy on fantage
    and when i dint belive that she was kitaboo she brought CIVIC!!! it happened when we were hanging out in the server – PINK COW and we were the only one’s in Downtown! ( me , kitaboo, demistone , looler ) we were there in downtown when she told us she will bring civic cuz here sis is too old for it now …. which meanz she is CIVIC’Z REAL SISTER!!!!!!!!!! NO LIE!
    ~ Just0princess

  2. Ok I really want 1000 free starz c mon I can only get to 200 starz and I waste them to much I really need that many starz Please someone get me a lot of starz I really need it!

      • uhh i dont get why u shouldnt play its an awsome game dudet lol!!!!!! u should play they have a policy u can not say anything bad so try it dont be a buzzkill lol i bet u r really pretty bye !!!!!!!….. peace out [^ _^]

  3. could you give a fantage account plizz ill give you mine username:tinkerbellfary
    password:************************ but plizz give me ur fantage account and ill give u my premium member account and win 33533 free stars so plizz give me ur account and u cant change the password it says mine is fantage usa

    Edited by IMaidenswing due to personal account info

    • I do not play fantage anymore and personal info shouldn’t be told on the internet for safety issues! I have edited your comment due to this reason.This is no longer a fantage site,it’s more of a personal one. Sorry 😦

  4. i really want a member acount i don t know how to get a membership can someone please give me a member acount please i can tell you my acount but it s a non member please give me a member acount i really want one but if you don t let me have it can i borrow it just for one week i promise i will get your acount some star i won t hack it i am very honest person and never ban acount and i never hack acounts please trust me i am very honest and kind and i don t lie please trust me after you check your acount is still safe i would never hack or ban i promise i will get you stars and i can buy some stuff for you to trust me

    • Hi Charlotte,
      I am the owner of this site,sadly I can’t get anyone a membership and I’m not a premium member anymore,sorry but this is not a fantage site anymore 😦 I wish I could help. Please don’t share any account information over the web,it’s dangerous and you could be hacked. Fantageland93 has been a fantage site for almost a year but then it became a bit more personal,thanks for commenting though!We don’t trade accounts here.

      Safety is important,don’t trust people with your account!

    • okay Charlotte u sound so pitiful but truthful so im gonna let u on a little deal kay? so my name for this website ( sarahgrace10130 ) is my username for fantage if u still come to this website or anyone else who wants a FREE PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP,come to the server LAVA GERBIL on january 20 at 5:00 PM in the star cafe and i will introduce my self and give u the information u need so im paying for this (actually my allowance is i have been saving up since kindergarten) but u can trust me. im a rlly good friend! AND I LUV FANTAGE MEMBERSHIPS!!

      shark attack ___*/\___\o/__

      sorry just felt like it LOLZZZ by the way on the shark attack /\ is the shark and \o/ is the person and then ______ is the water!

      Please be careful with what you do on the Internet because I will not be responsible on what happens. You should never give things free on the Internet,it can be either a scam and illegal actions can be taken.But it’s always good to meet someone new!!! Your comments have been approved/viewed by IMaidensWing

  5. OMG! im Sarahgrace10130 on fantage and i need some buudyz so plz add me mayybe on fantage i can get u a PREMIUM membership so add me u can usally find me in full servers SO LETS TALK! 😉

  6. Oh and IMaidenswing,…..i think ur doing rlly good on this website. i am posting this in the middle of the nite and on my Dsi XL, so if it does….. im glad u take hacking,not showing peoples password,and everything else VERY seriously. YA ROCK;)

  7. i kno wat ya mean and we should meet here on this website more often i didnt know u guys still got on this and im srry i was sayin that before i did not kno that was kinda illegal and ima good kid and im never gonna do drugs or ANYTHING illegal! 0_0 by the way, r u a real person IMaidensWing or r u just the computer?

  8. okay i do not like that i have to go to school tomorrow:( but rite now im enjoying this while it lasts im listening to my fave song (your the reason why ) by victoria justice and blogging like crazy i could do these 2 things all nite if i could!

    felling- bummed about school 😦


    ps i hope it snows in Johnson city Tennessee sometime this week 😉

    felling- tired :0

  10. yeah well me too just at that time it didnt load until l8ter and my mom doesnt mind me blogging it just suprised me!lolz actually my mom luvs blogging stuff so when she isnt working she is on facebook blogging about stuff! i rather get on this cuz its much safer and earlier i was just curious becuz u sound RLLYY smart cuz im 12 too and not nearly that wise! 😉

  11. high five! its raining and i have to take my dog for a walk ever since we built him his own room downstairs becuz he keeps running away to try and run to our old house witch is only a street behind our new house so ima have to take him for a walk. in the rain. with only a umbrella and a dog. in the rain.oh well dogs need fresh air too and i would give anything for my dog so, NATURE SHOWER, HERE I COME!!!

    feeling-PREPARED! O__0

  12. what state do u live in? i live in tennesse and this year it has only snowed twice hard enuff 2 get out of school but i dont mind becuz school is okay and if i want to get an education i need to go

  13. watching my 2 little sisters rite now mom and dad r on a date i had to buy them a movie its called marley and me the puppy years its a good movie so far i hope i was worth almost 25 bucks! lolz 🙂

  14. nah i just joined this website and i have no clue how to enter so could u help me? oh and how did u get ur own picture? lolz im so curious! 🙂 oh and sorry about earlier when it said i posted magical unicorns and my name is madison that was my sister and she is ubssesed with unicorns im rlly Noah and im just a regular guy who likes drawing anime and i hear ur the owner of this website so could u tell me about it? idk where u live but i live in NJ and idk if this will go through if u live farther away IMaidensWing i think ur website is cool from what i heard from other bloggers and wat makes this website cool has to come from the editer(which is obviously cool enuff to haver her own website!)

    • What do you mean by enter? Like how to get a WordPress account? I draw,but you need a WordPress account to edit and stuff. It’s okay,I thought the comments were adorable xD Hi Noah!! That’s my cousin’s name,except he’s a kid :3

      Fantageland93/Sakura93’s World started out as a fantage site. It was like a ghost town at first and it got worse in mid 2010. I knew many people before and I used to play fantage. It changed into a more personal blog after June,I think. I had such horrible grammar before,it evolved a lot. But there’s a lot about this site that I can’t remember. I barely posted before. After September this site started to get on a move on. I started posting more and tried to liven things up. After December or November this site got some publicity. The main thing that I think brought this site alive was art and spreading around the web. But I love to write and draw of course. I have been drawing since 5th grade (Feb.16,2011) and so this site got better. I sue a lot of tags and I see my stats everyday,and one of the old fantage posts is the top. But now all you see is my art and I wish i could do more.

      But I want to evolve this site into a help for young kids like me. I like being safe and bringing safety to everyone so there’s no mature content nor anything bad that can affect us minors -v-

      I can’t say where I live in NJ,safety is like my main rule here. But thank you! I wonder what other bloggers,haha :3 Also a big push here is when I got banned from Deviant Art for being under-aged.

      Which editor? Mint? She left this site technically,but I loved how she edited the grammar before 🙂 Hope you enjoy your stay~! Sorry if I bore you with the paragraph.

  15. nah and srry about earlier that was my sister and she luvs unicorns and stuff like that im only 13 and my name is Noah and i live in NJ and i need help i dont know how to enter in contests or enter pictures or anything and i hear ur the owner of this website so do u think u could help me and show me around the website if it isnt to much? oh and i hear this is a great website and the ownerof this website has to work hard and give it their all in what they do so im willing to stay on this website! ( pleeaassee help me!!! im kinda desperate! 🙂 )

    • My contest is over,sorry ^^’. But it’s easy to find one! I wouldn’t go so advanced/far out w/ out parent’s permission. You can always do fantage drawing contests or maple story drawing contests. But there are contests that do offer real prizes,but you need parent’s permission and a whole lot of skill. ^^’

      Well to upload pictures is simple. On WordPress you can upload pictures easily when doing a post. Post > Add New > Upload/Insert > Click the camera with the music icon > Select Files > Insert into post. After writing it all you click publish ^^ Or you can sue Photobucket or Deviant Art.

      To upload multiple images hold CTRL and click your images. If you want you can become a follower with your email account (if your parents don’t mind). I will be updating more with time. I always post. Well there isn’t much yet,haha ^^’

  16. hmmm okay thx! i didnt mean exactly where u live thats just sounds like ima stalker! belive me im crazy with safety and obeying my parents! i NEVER obey my parents and make sure what is safe and what’s not. Thx for telling me everything!

  17. howdy jakira and IMaidensWing, when is the next contest becuz i luv drawing!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    😀 😀 :D-NEW SIGN OFF! lol

    • Well I’m not sure yet. I have to judge The Battle Of The OC’s Contest w/ my friend,if she doesn’t respond I have to judge alone. I haven’t been feeling good at all but I’m let you know~!

  18. oh i hope u feel better im so depressed i get yelled at for every little thing and stuff i didnt do 😦 i wanna slit my wrist or something 😦 😦

    • Thank you. Aw~ Don’t do that. It doesn’t help either. Do something you really like to do and forget all that negativity. Uh, I don’t want to get so religious but you can always pray to God 🙂

  19. aww thats not too religious for me i have been tryin prayin and doing stuff i like and i luv doing it! thank u so much!!! 🙂 🙂

  20. I GET TO HAVE A CHINESE VALENTINES DAY! wat does china have to do with valentines day? i dont even think they celebrated it. it also costs 5 bucks for it whichnis wat i dont get!?aww im sorry u dont get to celebrate! do u got a special valentine IMaidenswing?
    😉 ❤

    • I corrected your comment because I thought it was kind of rude. But I respect your opinion. Hate is a bit too strong. I am a member [it won’t last long]. Are you jealous or just a bit scared that the majority of people on fantage might be members? I don’t want to be mean but that’s not fair because not all members are like that. The ones you know might be clowns but I know that there still are mature people around. I’ve bee o fantage since 2009 and I know many things from that game.

      • i never said that i always loved members i think members are awesome and ive been looking for a member for 2 years i wish you can share your account with me

  21. I’m still learning from you, as I’m improving myself. I certainly liked reading all that is written on your site.Keep the posts coming. I liked it!

  22. I am so nervous. I just found out that my little sister has the same outfit like me on fantge! What is she embarreses me and the pplz dont know that shes my is ?! MY SISTER IS ALWAYZ A COPYCAT!!!!

    • First, you must calm down, being nervous doesn’t help and it affects your health. If it’s your real life sister, tell your parents, But if it’s not, delete her at once! Try talking to her. But please calm down, your sister might be looking at you as a hero, but if it’s on purpose that’s a different story.

    • Well that isn’t nice, and it isn’t fair. You can try taking screen shots and showing your parents. But don’t get furious, try to handle it like someone mature, but if she continues you have to tell your parents. They have to believe you. May God put light in your way.

    • First you need to calm down… I have a sister too and she is annoying to me sometimes, but I am glad to have her. If I was alone, I wouldn’t have anyone to play with. I think you should be glad you have a sister… would u want to be alone with no siblings at all? Nobody to play with? Please forgive her, because anger is not a good thing to linger on D: It is not good to stay angry all the time. For instance, I don’t like to stay mad all the time because I don’t feel good. I hope this helps!

    • I’m not sure if this link works anymore because it’s pretty old. I no longer play fantage so I don’t know. You’ll have to wait for upcoming events or play many games. I’m very sorry, I’m not much of a help in fantage cheats/tips anymore. This site has become more of a personal thing 🙂 I am the administrator.

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