Manga <3

Yo pplz! 😀 It’s me, Smiley♥ I kno i kno… i haven’t posted in a while sooo im postin now! 😉 Manga iz my life ❤ I LUV MANGA!!!!! AND IM NOT ASHAMED TO SHOUT IT OUT!!! WOOT! lol :mrgreen: Next monday…. u will b seeing my manga drawings!!! Which i just drew yesterday (angel face) lol XP I luv de eyes ❤ And u might b like ok??? weird… but i srsly do.. u kno y??? cuz they’re big. LOL XD They’re pretty and they’re sooo cute especially de rlly good manga artists -eyes sparkle- tee hee sooo just so u kno… I LUV MANGA!!!!! <3333 I KNO!!! GOSH!!! I’ve said tht like a million times alrady lol (idk y i keep saying lol XD) Byeee pplz!

~Smiley♥ chill out 😎

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About ☆ Ali ☆

Love all my friends :) They care for me, and they're the koolest friends I've ever had including my friends here :D Even though they can't see me and I can't see them, I still feel like I have a very close relationship w/ each of my friends :) Thanks 6J, sakky, cupcake, may may, miley, sky, sumi, kyra :D it's only people like you who make a difference in this world and my life ♥

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