New worker

Hi everyone!Im fantageland092,bet you have heard of me?If not i guess you might see me often.I’m assistant of this blog,see the drawings on the album page?Me and fantageland93 did it!

Anyway ITS ME FANTAGELAND93 POSTING FOR HER RIGHT NOW THIS EARLY IN DE MORNING!One im doing this so you’ll know her a little more.We are real life friends/classmates.For now shes gonna be editor cause she doesnt know much on how to use wordpress.In real life I will explain to her what to do.Please be nice to her as if we were ALL family.Just for a few days until she gets the hang of this!Well buh bye see yeah later guys!

~Ps I only put her real name last name just fake~

~Fantageland Owner and Fantageland092~

Also if your confused of wordpress and this video is for her too watch this:

  This was made by wordpress,all rights and everythig else goes to them 😉

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About fantageland092

Hey guys!Im fantageland92,Fantageland93's real life assistant and classmate.We are both smart and in the top ten of the class or top 2.I'm going to be helping her with her site.Right now shes making my accounts but well lets see what happens.We are all awesome and rock!

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