lol. Just kidding..

Bunny man dances - Click image to download.

But this dude will show up in your room.

I didn’t really leave, it was an April fool’s joke. But Sakura’s blog date is messed up. I posted it on the first, and um none of you found the secret note I put in..

Anyway, uh.

This is just a post showing how mean you guys are (except Sakura) loljk.

But one question:


Justin Bieber –

  • Murder him
  • Love him…
  • Just get the fudge over him.



6 thoughts on “YOU GUYS ARE LIKE SO MEAN.

  1. nooooooooo. u cant murder jb just like dat! u hav to go to teh prize box and throw teh tomatoes @ him first. then it look like someone already stabbed him so u wont get teh blame ( well not ALL of it anyway…)

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