What should i name this post?

Hi Everyone. Remember me ? If u really really remember me , then comment below. As i like  fantageland ( omg , should i always call her fantageland because it seems a long name) i am doing a banner for her. Sorry if it is ugly or bad or whatever. Here it is :

The banner is plain and it does not have any link to any site . so sorry

And dont forget to visit her site plus mine too. my site is http://bestfreind09.wordpress.com/ . Sorry for advertising it :oops:.

Bye bye and it is from me best. Atleast u got my name now.

Fantageland Says: Haha it’s okie and THANK YOU for loving my site you can follow meh on facebook and twitter (when I get my twitter acc back) :mrgreen: also on youtube I shall posts links and make it a page 😆 enjoy! ~Fantageland Owner was here~

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About teengirl4ever

Hey... I am teengirl4ever . I post fashion , diy videos and such. I am as u can understand from my username.. a teen girl who has a passion for travelling , fashion , diy and many more. :) I was formerly known as bestfreind09(level=171 non member) in fantage. If u need my help u can e mail me at teengirl4ever123@gmail.com and hope u enjoy :)

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