iPads vs Books

A few schools around the state are replacing books..with iPads. If every school does this, oh my what about books! Do you think there will be a library in 20 years? Or even paper? A man had said that this is why we’re losing jobs..No bookstores. People who work at libraries, will lose their job aswell? But honestly, isn’t this creating jobs? More people will have to make iPads. But when technology advances, mankind needs to pay a little. So the question is..

Is it better to read on a iPad, losing jobs but saving money..


Simply picking up a book and read.


5 thoughts on “iPads vs Books

    • Books are epic and you actually don’t get hacked for reading them so people technology though it helps us it can’t replace the smarts in a book.So BACK=OFF IPAD MAKERS

  1. Deffinately Books.
    Some people read books to much, and if Books are replaced with iPads, they’ll use iPad’s to much. And that, will hurt your eyes more. Wow iPad makers, we know more than you xD

  2. books more jobs involved reduce homeless people and stop sending our jobs off to some other place please plus what if the power went out ? what if it gets wet ? come on people

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