Be like a News Reporter! Find a Interesting story!

Ever dreamed of telling the world a cool story? Like

 Man eats his beard


Firefighter starts another fire! you can. In this contest! The most interesting story wins. And NO. You are NOT writing a story. I repeat, NOT. And it is not about writing. Okay? But I might have a writing contest in the future.



  1. You must provide at least 2 links to the site where you found the story, 2 DIFFERENT sites.
  2. You may not copy stories, and they may not be similar.
  3. Keep it real. Don’t make up an unbelievable story about unicorns.



Man eats 105 pies!

A child is left on a island, saved by a dolphin!

Stay Minty 😉


9 thoughts on “Be like a News Reporter! Find a Interesting story!

      • Oh. I thought a story as i wrote before because u had not made urself clear before u re-edited it. Its ok for me if i wrote the story or not. So its no probs

  1. I think u had better put the title as breaking news contest because u are putting up a contest about the funniest breaking news. Its just my suggestion

  2. Does it have to be something that happened in real life, or something at least believable? I’m sorta confused. But I’m totally joining this! You should make a writing contest too! ;3

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