Don’t Rob Banks in the Snow

Heh, I like stupid criminal stories. :). Man who robs bank, ALMOST got away with it. No really, he almost did. But seriously, if you rob a bank in the snow… Don’t walk! His footprints lead him to his house, where they soon found the amount of money he stole. Must be a stupid criminal, actually you’re already stupid if you do rob banks.

Oh, and please enter my Story Contest. And I’m going to be posting (almost) every day. With a story, not always about criminals. And if you DON’T like me posting stuff like this, just happily say so in the comments. I don’t wanna be a blog hogger P:




One thought on “Don’t Rob Banks in the Snow

  1. lmao that’s really stupid. In the snow,now that is even stupider…I think I have a story I made a few months ago if acceptable.I hope I still have it though…:3 eh I’ll find one

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