In High School? Looking for a job? Bad news for you!

Looking for a job? 47% Of teenagers will not get a job. It’s been so high!



A boy was looking for a job, in a hotel. The staff said they were doing interviews, in a room. The boy was fighting with his brother, where the boy gave up and went into a room. When he opens the door, its pitch black. The brother goes

”I think he wants you..”

It was scary when he got in. The boy’s job, was sitting a beach chair,  on the pavement. Burning pavement. Sitting in front of the parking entrance, no water, no umbrella. Since people would park there, and not check into the hotel. So he had to ask ”Are you staying here” and made sure people not checked in, couldn’t park. But most of the people would lie.

And then the manger would yell at him, since there a rush of people would go to the beach. And the worst part of the job? Find the people who are at the beach, and tell them to move their car if they didn’t check in! And how do you tell who owns which car? He soon got fired..No paycheck. But it wouldn’t be much, it was only 3$ a hour. Heh, I got the phone number. The boy still prank calls them..For his paycheck!

Thankfully, that job is gone.

And here’s a funny photo..



& again.Be prepared to get spammed with panels and panels of Titans. :)Mainly Roy. 


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