Mistakenly ”Dead”

This is a sad story ):

A 49-year-old Russian woman, was mistakenly believed dead. She was buried in a coffin, when she woke up she heard cries and moans. When she realized what was happening, she started screaming. But she was so shocked, that it gave her an heart attack. She soon passed away because of  it.

In other news, California is banning violent, racy games from minors/children from playing. Such as Call Of Duty. However, California lost the case. But the store owners have logic sense not to give an M rated game to a 5 year old.


3 thoughts on “Mistakenly ”Dead”

  1. Wow, that is sad. She got killed by a heart attack instead of whatever reason she was believed dead for. How horrible. Why would people give a 5 year old a M rated game anyways? Isn’t it a bit TOO violent?

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