EVERYONE! STOP THE FLIGHTS! WE GOT TURTLES! And don’t forget to tip a maid

JFK flights were delayed because..because..of..



Yes, small turtles. They were laying eggs across the runway, to the bay. It has been said this has happened a lot, so how come they just don’t make a turtle tunnel? They forced staff outside so they can move the little cute things to a safe area. In other news…



You know that guy who raped a maid? Forgot his name.. Anyway, maids now have something called ”panic button” so they can be saved. But New York’s Pierre hotel maids are taking self-defence classes for 30 minutes a day..To keep save from perverts. Yep hotel maids know Self Defence. Don’t mess with them.

But for one thing..Wouldn’t people take advantage of this? Free karate! I want to work there.


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