Fantage Summer Prizes/Adding Partay

Saturday, July 2 · 2:00pm – 4:00pm
Tangerine Koala,Beach
Reason:FUN! FUN! FUN! And…FUNN!
Dis Partay is for fun… I hope yhu can make it. 2 PM – 4 PM(Maybeh)
I’ll haf dis fashion sho and there’ll be prizes like recolors and stuff. Also it’s kinda an adding parteh! It’ll be uploaded to utube and maii blog( and another blog( tht came…dere’ll be a group photo afta!
Must wear summer clothing 😛


5 thoughts on “Fantage Summer Prizes/Adding Partay

  1. I couldnt go cause I was going with my step sister,My mom and dad to walmart and some other places to find a tablet and we went to eat but we had to purchase it off Amazon which it should come on Tuesday [July t,2011]

  2. -cries0 awww i missed de party -cry cry cry- 😦 well…. since i’ve missed it….. hey i kno!!!! I could host a party of my own 😉 tee hee what a GREAT IDEA ooooo got 2 get my schedule and things tee hee ^^ [i said tee hee again xD o well ~shrugs~ lol] ANYWAYS……… I’m gonna host a party on chat and on fantage [MAYBE on fantage o.o :/] and I’ll send the invitations out on my blog and on email sooo ttyl pplz 😀
    ~Smiley luv u all ♥

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