I can’t keep promises//3rd of July is almost the 4th!

Sorry guys, I haven’t been posting lol.


And yay for Saky for her tablet. 😛


Anyway, I’m pretty sure the contest is over. No one won LOL

So I have no stories for today, but I do have one that happened on the third..


Fireworks. Pretty fireworks. Most of you either went to a place that was having a party, or watched on tv. If you watched it on TV, you miss the fun. And if you went somewhere, it was crowded. But for me? Lucky me. In my city, you’re allowed to play with fireworks. So our neighborhood is like the KINGS of fireworks. We have the best, and I mean the best. Since 4th of July fell on a Monday, the adults decided to party on Sunday. So we started the fireworks, but at 11 PM.. The cops came. And they’re all like


”Oh it’s not the 4th, you will go to jail if you light another firework” yada yada. So the party was canceled quickly. But 20 minutes after the cop left, a lady got a roman candle and went..

”TAKE THAT!” And no, she didn’t go to jail. We then used the remaining fireworks the next day. That 4th of July wasn’t too shabby.


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