The Gig is Old, dude.//Pet Peeves

no seriously.

I hate it when people just blurt out ”OMGGG I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER SHES A GIRL LOL” Are you trying to start a conversation? …Are you? I guess it’s a really old gig. It’s even more annoying if you call them ”gay”. It takes a lot of stupidity to think that as an insult.


Other than that, I’m going to list 10 pet peeves.

  1. When I say I read comics, I don’t mean manga. I know Manga is Japanese comics, but still. I love real comics ( I’ m sorry if that offends anyone)
  2. I am not gay. I say I’m straight but yet the same gender flirts with me..
  3. Weeaboos. Period.
  4. Twilight. I’m sorry but that’s the worst book written in history.
  5. Harry Potter. The books are boring. And people obsess over them too much. 95% of people who know what HP is must be a fan.
  6. ”LOL U SMART CAN U TELL ME WHAT DIS MEANS” the internet knows everything.
  7. Titles that give the Story plot away.
  8. Racism, sexism.
  9. Idiots   Absent Minded people.
  10. math. I don’t need numbers when I grow up…Wait nevermind there’s taxes and crap..

ok thats about it.

if you’re a Harry Potter fan… they suck the end.


One thought on “The Gig is Old, dude.//Pet Peeves

  1. I agree with twilight and harry potter i HATE, sorry, strongly dislike that.its pretty stupid. I agree with you on most things on the list. I am a little offended by number one, BUT!!!! people have their own opinions on different things so I respect that. If you like comic books better, then I will respect that because people cant be forced to like something they dont want to like.

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