Coloring tools

This is like part 2 from the last post I did. Well I certainly do not use paint (real paint not the software). I think it’s messy and I’m not good with it. I don’t use these oil pastel colors,no, I’d rather use colored pencils and not the expensive kind. Unless your an advanced artist and wouldn’t mind spending more than 50 dollars,I’d recommend Prisma Colored pencils. But I don’t use does (I would love to though).

I use Craz-Art colored pencils (I think I got these at Walmart) I cannot remember the brand because I through the box away and these things are like a year old. But they work perfectly fine. I would use does if you like to color…Trust me you don’t need expensive things like Caio Copic Markers,they’re very expensive trust me. So use colored pencils. I’m not a fan of markers only Sharpies,if you know how to or want to ink I’m buying inking pens next week also,like it brings 4 of them in a pack for over $15.00. I like traditional,but I barely color that way.But I have an example of something I drew on lined paper and colored it. If your a beginner DON’T LOOK FOR VIDEOS UNLESS YOU REALLY NEED A HINT.

YOU MUST DEVELOP YOUR OWN STYLE IN ART. If not don’t you’ll be more than what I call “lost”.

I’m not saying that to be mean,it’s the truth. So you see me drawing,I don’t need the expensive things,maybe when I get older I’ll start getting advanced stuff but not now though I really want to.

You don’t need a tablet.

You don’t need Wacom Bamboo.

You don’t need to do something you won’t care to do.


Because if you don’t,your just wasting your time and really that’s horrible. If you love art,do something,if you don’t get out of it now before it’s too late. It can be just a hobby,fine with me. You need desire to push you somewhere in life. Don’t be an idiot criticizing in a bad way to others,your hurting feelings and your hurting yourself. I’ll be here to help and so will your parents. Also you should tell them about your interests in art or whatever your doing.Now I wasted a lot of time typing,go out there and fight for what’s right,JUST NOT PHYSICALLY!


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