The Battle of The OC’s Contest

Hey guys!

I have some SPECIAL news 🙂



You heard me,contest time.So i decided to host this because I have almost 20 followers and we reached are 6K goal (7K goal is coming well~!) So I will update our contest page )Finally TT TT).. But a lot of info. and the rules here..PLUS.a poll!!You can support and help 😀


1.) No copying! (This rule includes: no stealing,tracing,etc)

2.)  Watermark is to be placed,SOMEWHERE IN THE IMAGE/PICTURE!

3.) Judges CANNOT submit any image/picture

4.) You MAY share/post this anywhere else for support 😉

5.) Cheaters will be disqualified (That means if you just love to copy refs or use ’em,YOU’RE OUT!)

That’s the rules for the ones who are entering. Extra info.after the rules for any judges!


1.) Please,please don’t submit any work…

2.) You can resign as judge if you really want to submit some work.


4.) If you need more help contact me at

5.) DO NOT ALLOW BRIBES AND BE HONEST! I don’t like people who pick because someone asked to be a winner….I find out,you’re so long from judge,but you can submit work..

What you have to do:

.Draw one of my OC’s~!

Well only Pandy is my OC,but any of my characters is fine…

You have like:

.Alamond  .Joshua  .Laura  .Max  .Memo  .Mercy  .Mint  .Mist  .Pandy  .Rizena  .Roxie  .Dandelion

I will upload examples (old or new),of each of does characters with their references~!


Max (As a hat)

Pandy blobs

Chime (Alamond’s night hat)

It can be anyway you like,doesn;t matter how much characters you draw. I LOOK FOR EFFORTS! I do not give points (well you’re score). Just try your best,I know you’re all winners,but we will only have 3 real champs!

1st place

2nd place

3rd place

4th place

5th place

I will put 2 runner ups,so like 7 of you have a chance,everyone’s a winner,but show it!


1st place-

.2 icon requests of your character{s]

.1 chibi drawing or anime/manga drawing

.Certificate for joining(everyone gets that)

.Featured on a widget I’ll add to my site (It can only be 1 link that you really would like it to lead to,it should be one of your site’s)

.I’ll subscribe to you on YouTube,unless I did then,thanks for joining? -v- hehehe

2nd place-

.1 icon request of your character

.1 chibi drawing or anime/manga drawing

.Certificate for joining(everyone gets that)

3rd place-

.1 chibi drawing or anime/manga drawing

.Certificate for joining(everyone gets that)

4th place-

.1 chibi drawing

.Certificate for joining(everyone gets that)

5th place-

.Certificate for joining(everyone gets that)

Runner ups!

.Certificate for joining

.You can give me some suggestions for a next contest/video and maybe next time I’ll judge on points~!Then you can like,get bonus ^.^

But I will feature 1-5th place on my YouTube account because I want it to be fair for does 5 champs.

TO BE A JUDGE FILL OUT THIS FORM: The Battle of The OC’s Contest Judge Form

I hope you enjoy and take your time doing this.

THIS CONTEST ENDS DECEMBER 22,2011 (My birthday)

So you have 17 days….Use this time wisely ❤ If you’d like to share this,this is the link (Copy/Paste wherever you are posting)

Thanks for taking your time to read this. Judges get a nice surprise at the end..Thanks again!

-Some extra fun fun info!-
YOU DRAW ANY OF MY OC’S WITH YOUR CHARACTERS IF YOU’D LIKE! I would totally faint but love it ❤


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