3-hour long drawing on Gimp/ THE BATTLE OF THE OC CHARACTERS PART2

Welcome all -v-

This drawing of Dandelion (Roxie’s sister),who I drew July2,2011 (pretty long time since then).

These are the 2 chars I have missing and sorry for late post.

 JUST 3 HOURS! (More than 3 ovo) JUST COLORING THIS D:< LA was made on Sai of course <3.

But really I would have finished earlier on Sai,since Gimp kept freezing up…..

Here’s Laura:

Finished this yesterday within 2-3 hours (really took about 2 and a half).That’s a difference I see when I color on Gimp instead of Sai.But I love both results!

All my other chars. can be found ehre in part 1 Characters Part1



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