How much do you think you spend on Fantage membership in 1 year? Maidenswing will tell you!

Hi guys. I was just talking to myself about fantage membership and financial stuff about it. You’ll be surprised on how much you’re spending on membership.

Okay there will be 2 columns here showing how much you spend on 1 month and 3 month membership a year.

1 Month Membership: $10.00 USD + 5,000 ecoins

3 Month Membership:$19.99 ($20.00) USD + 3,000 ecoins

Okay,so now we know how much each membership costs. Now do you want to know how much you spend a year?

If you do the math it’s very easy,it’s even mental math here. I’ll show you what I mean 🙂

Okay let’s do the 1 month membership first:

$10.00 each month x 12 = $120.00 a year. Let’s say you have played Fantage USA for 3 years.. 120 x 3= 360$ in just 3 years… You know,you could use that money for futures references!!

So that shows how much money you would spend on 1 month fantage membership in 1 year and 3 years (the example given above). So it’s good to know on what your spending.

Now let’s do the 3 month one (This comes out more expensive,trust me).

$20.00 each month x 12 = $240.00 a year (ouch!). Let’s use the same example we used for the 1 month membership.

240 x 3 = $720 in just 3 years…. My oh my,that’s a lot of money! But I think it’s worth it, you have more time.


BUT,for does who are on a budget,I extremely recommended a 1 month membership,even if it gets annoying.. It’s better and you save more money. So until then,stay pretty! REMEMBER THIS FOR THE FUTURE! Save now and you’ll have a lot later.

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