I got my camera yesterday,and a panda hat~

Well yesterday when my mom went to get the mail she checked to see if my camera was sent. Well lucky me that it was there. I was so happy 🙂 It was fun playing around with it because I had no clue how to work it xD But minutes after I knew what to do. Very fast learner.

Anyway about the panda hat…. This I will say as short as I can.

I went out with my cousins yesterday because my aunt and uncle invited us. We were going to a mall not too far from where I live and so it took a long time to get a parking spot (my goodness,it took really long), and so when we got inside we went looking around. Then when we got to some pint were someone started talking about Angry Bird hats,then started the journey. We went up to see them and it was kind of chaotic. I’m going to skip to the part were we go up again. My little cousin wanted the red Angry Bird hat and he started acting like a kid who wants everything but I won’t be mean going into it. Instead of getting a Angry Birds hat myself,I got a panda hat instead~

I did want a hat but I didn’t want my uncle and aunt to get me one,I know I haven’t seen them,but they shouldn’t spend money on me. I felt bad for my other cousin,but they sort of made an agreement. Well that’s my story!

I also took pictures with my camera,I’ll be uploading them later.

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