I don’t like hacking for sure. But there’s a complete difference between White hats and Black hats

Now you may ask me “What’s a white hat and a black hat?”

They’re both hackers,BUT,white hats are the good guys.. Black hats are the bad hackers who do things for illegal reasons.

Here’s a small story I’d like to share for all you Fantage fans out there.

I once knew Frosty-

Frosty was a friend of mine (introduced to me by a friend in real life who knew about her and her xat chat). Not only was she a great person she was my Fantage hero at the time. Not only did hackers come to her chatroom (oh you all know who),and there it began… Not only did they hack her alright, but they left evidence. Not only did it hurt me,it hurt a lot of people. Yet more hacking went on. One day my friend told me she knew one of the hackers and so I met that member. I was scared but you know,chats and stuff are more insane now a days.

But yes,I KNEW HER! You maybe thinking that I’m lying,I won’t blame you. But anyway enough with my story and on with the topic.

Here’s a Wiki article I found: Classifications of hackers-Wiki

But you should know hacking is illegal,unless your a white hat. But there’s also gray hats… And yes, grey is spelled with an “a”..

There’s also:

Elite hackers, Script Kiddies, Neophyte, Blue hats and a Hacktivists…. Now that’s a lot but Wiki says it all there.

I would recommend this to all who want to be safe on the Internet I’d read the first answer of this question Yahoo! Internet Safety

I don’t own the links shown here,but I know my story. Protect yourselves. but don’t overreact please. Credit goes to Wiki and Yahoo!


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