How I’m going to be reading my Girl to Grrrl Manga Book [By Colleen Doran]

Ho guys,it’s been a while since my last post. I did say before that I was going to start draw anime/manga again starting today. Well I’m reading the book I have all over again but part by part. I just want to share with you guys how so there’s no suspicion. But before I do I want to share a bit of real life.

6th grade is getting a bit easier and more fun (in my point of view), but there are people who have to ruin many things for does who do nothing wrong. Yet some people think they didn’t do anything. There are classmates of mine who are immature~~I understand we’re not perfect and that we’re certainly not alike. But that doesn’t give you the right to act like someone who has no brain. I have been living for 12 years and this is one hard year. I am feeling kind of down because we are punished and I feel bad for each of my alpha teachers. But I’m still chasing my dreams and I’m not letting ANYONE get me off track for their foolish actions. I do admit that i yell and goof off once in a while. In the cafeteria I do good off but I do get serious. Today in homeroom I bumped into someone else’s head because he kept putting cereal in his backpack (he has that issue but he’s my friend). It’s like my life changed at that moment and I’ve been a bit off. But let’s go back to the topic~

This is my plan (that’s in process) in reading the book:

-31 days in March (that gives me enough time to finish the book)
-3 lessons/chapters

Lesson 1- Pages 14-64 = 50 pages to read
Lesson 2- Pages 64-90 = 26 pages to read
Lesson 3- Pages 90-123 = 33 pages to read

10 days to read and practice each lesson

Lesson 1- March 1-10: Thursday-Saturday [Next Saturday]
Lesson 2- March 11-20: Sunday-Tuesday
Lesson 3- March 21-30: Wednesday-Friday

*5 pages a day

I already read the first 5 pages I had to read but I have to practice and re read it again because I’m going part by part in each lesson. Part 1 is lesson 1 is about constructing the head,the next part is the eyes and the last part in lesson 1 is the figure. So now you’re all informed what i will be doing this whole month of March and I know it’ll be good as my chibi art,I will be drawing chibi still in the mean time,but I will be focusing myself on all of this. I learned chibi alone and did watch videos on how people drew theirs but me,I have my style and I use the stick figure. So,hope to improve and thanks for reading this long post~

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