Stacie Digital SKETCH

I still need more practice. But I’ll get there. I might take a break to do so. I’m tired,but not tired in emotion~ I want to do something cool.

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About IMaidensWing

Welcome to my mini profile! Hello, I'm IMaidensWing, a 13 year old artist,blogger and writer. I've been blogging since the age of 10, drawing since the age of 11, and writing for a long time. I'm administrator of Fantageland93/Sakura93's World and I'm happy to see my site grow. I am now heading out to my 8th grade year in September but until then I shall continue to produce artwork. If you would like to commission me on deviantART you may read my commission journal.

2 thoughts on “Stacie Digital SKETCH

  1. ○i know this is just a sketch & everything but you should move the chest & everything else up its just the chest & waist that should be moved up a little

    ○ the neck doesnt have to be that thick try making it kinda curvy ( god i need to improve in necks too)

    ○ the arms should be curvy as well & not too thick

    sorry if this comment sounds mean! im just trying to give you tips on how to improve …. ( ._.)….

    • You’re not being mean. I do need criticism too,so in the future I don’t get scared. Thanks for the tips,I’ll do my best to edit -vo I agree in a lot of things you said c: I wanted to re-do the picture but I have to correct my mistakes~ Thanks for the opinions! 😀

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