This was an amazing day! -William Paterson University

I’m in gifted and talented art and so today was our trip (I missed most of the day for it,but I really like art so i couldn’t miss out!)

I saw beautiful scenery and I couldn’t believe it. So I’ll share my story:

Today was the day of our trip and I woke up a bit early for it. I couldn’t believe that i would miss out most of the day,but I couldn’t deny the chance to go to this great university. So I left my back pack in my science class and went off to the main lobby in our school. I met 2 other art teachers we have in our school (one of them couldn’t go) and so the laughter,and smiles began from there! The bus was there already so after one of the art teachers finally caught up with us,we departed. I’ve been through that route many times,and the way we went showed a lot nature scenes. Beautiful it was,and the person I was sitting next to was really into it. He took many pictures. It took a while but we finally go to an entrance. The teachers asked for directions (they graduated there) and so they said that many things changed. So many turns,and twists,what a ride!! My friend who sat in the front threw up though,she must have gotten bus sick. So we continued until we got to the place we were looking for. “The Art Galleries” was our first stop. Our tour guide was a student who i guess volunteered to help us~ She was very nice and I felt like I met a new friend. From there we went to the room we had to go to.

From there we started our project (we made scrolls). Very fun indeed. We had to use Crayola colored pencils (I don’t really like that company’s colored pencils) and Sharpies.My friend who threw up didn’t like the smell at all,but my nose was stuffy so I could barely smell it. I drew Daphne (chibi form,I’ll upload it later) and a computer,sort of,haha.. After drawing,outlining and coloring we got to put wax on the scrolls(some edges were burn to look old) and the wax really helped. We wasted a lot of time on that,I don’t think everyone finished. There was only 13 of us because other members of the club have really bad behavior issues. Back to the topic!

After wasting all that time we finally got down to lunch. I was starving for sure! We munched on some food that we brought,well everyone had to bring their own lunch. I shared because I packed a lot,but someone wanted to really hog on my chips so I had to go a bit hyper… Still,it was a yummy lunch,especially that bagel. Did I mention that we stayed in the same room?

Well,after eating we headed out to the theater,hopefully that was next. We watched a few shows and heard a middle school choir,beautiful voices indeed,I was touched. Before that all started the tour guide sat next to me and I started talking about what I want to do in life,and she said that I have a good plan. My mood really changed and I started to think about this university. Oh,we also talked about the different things you can do there before the shows started and some other things.During the last show/scene a girl forgot her lines and I sort of had to laugh.

Then,it started to rain and we all went running around and some funny moments did happen. While running back some people started talking about the Burger King,and arcade that was in the cafeteria (it was amazing I tell you!). But we had to keep going. So many stairs to go down and trust me when we had to go up,it wasn’t that easy. So when we went back to the Art Galleries center we went to an art exhibition,I was so surprised! Amazing artists,and I was in an “I love this!” state. Some were done oils,some were digital. Really nice.

We went back to the room we started in and we got all our things,since we were about to leave.. But when we got down at the exit everyone started staying “I’m going to miss you!” to the tour guide,and I really didn’t want to go,that campus was just one of the best experiences I’ve ever had!

At last, the bus was there and I sat next to my friend who sat with me in the beginning. After a while we started singing some songs from choir together and it did sound nice to me. One of the art teachers said that we have things and common and that it was good,and that we could be really good friends like that one day. I had fun of course.

Well,by the time I got back,6-3 was in math. When the day was over I had to go to my other teachers to check if we had homework. I don’t have much today,especially because I didn’t know that i did my math homework ovo…

So that was my day and experiences to share~! 🙂

I’m going to try my hardest everyday because I want to go there,it’s an amazing university and I’ll make sure to be one of the best!

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