Hey everyone! I know this is a very random post but wtv because I didn’t know what to write in this post x.x

Anyways, chips. Have you ever tasted some before? They’re rlly tasty, trust me. I know they have alot of calories and they’re rlly salty but who cares? It’s a relaxing snack for EVERYONE. But if you are allergic to sunflower oil, don’t ships then because all chips have sunflower oil lol XD There are many different kind of chips like original, ketchup, vegetable, all dressed, sour cream and onion, ripple/ruffle (original), B.B.Q, Ranch, etc.


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Love all my friends :) They care for me, and they're the koolest friends I've ever had including my friends here :D Even though they can't see me and I can't see them, I still feel like I have a very close relationship w/ each of my friends :) Thanks 6J, sakky, cupcake, may may, miley, sky, sumi, kyra :D it's only people like you who make a difference in this world and my life ♥

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