-Current- Art, personal, and site updates

Hi you guys! This post will be to give my most recent updates. Whether it’s personal or just a message.

I was just playing Pokemon Soul Silver and I have to admit that I have a nice team, even though I only have one Pokemon that is not available in both regions. Most of them passed level 50 (and are close to 60), but one of them isn’t mine, it’s from somebody in the game. I don’t bother to train it for some reason. Emploleon is the only Pokemon in my team that doesn’t belong in that game,, but has really helped me. He’s level 92 (I have no clue where my level 100 one went, but I’m close to getting this one to that level). I started this game in 2010 and I haven’t fully beaten it, I still have to beat Red. I’ll end the Pokemon topic here for now.

Yesterday I was hearing some Owl City music and I decided to make one big fan art image. I drew a lot of that picture. There’s 11 different images on it. I never heard of his song called West Coast Friendship, but when I heard it I got hooked. He’s a very great singer. Also I’m working on a remake of an image I did when I first started drawing, and it’s really cute! I can make it into a new character. If you haven’t checked out my new speed paint you can view it here:

I’ll wrap up my art updates here.

Site updates! I’m going to delete the content on the widget Maiden’s News because it’s not fully recent and it’s sort of taking up space. Hopefully I can get a new tutorial up for you guys so I can make that new page for it. Also, the site is very close to 13K hits! Thank you so much for visiting, it means a lot, and every view helps. I can’t believe that we are almost 2,000 hits away from that big goal of 15K hits! I thank you all greatly for visiting and if you have any tips, or suggestions you can email me at imaidenswing@gmail.com. I was thinking of a contact page… Have you guys checked out My Quotes page, if not click here! Well, that’s it for site updates!

If you want to help with some upcoming things you can vote of these polls.

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About IMaidensWing

Welcome to my mini profile! Hello, I'm IMaidensWing, a 13 year old artist,blogger and writer. I've been blogging since the age of 10, drawing since the age of 11, and writing for a long time. I'm administrator of Fantageland93/Sakura93's World and I'm happy to see my site grow. I am now heading out to my 8th grade year in September but until then I shall continue to produce artwork. If you would like to commission me on deviantART you may read my commission journal.

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