The World of Anne Rain Page 1 Line Art Preview -COMIC UPDATE-

Last night I was up late reading chapter 55 of Faster Than a Kiss (amazing comic!), and my friend was over. She was also reading some of it with me. We had some fun talking and playing with a baseball. Later on I was working on the line art for my short comic. I wanted to show you guys what I have so far. The speech bubbles will be made on Paint Net since Sai doesn’t have an ellipse tool. I hope this short comic gets a lot of good online feedback, I’ve got some good ones at school.

I’ve always thought of making a comic, but I never thought that I would actually start and get such nice comments from teachers and students. Dreams do come true~ I’m sorry for not posting much, I’ve been reading a lot of comics on MangaFox, MangaReader, etc. I also feel a bit upset but I thank God for keeping me strong, for He is my light, shield and the person I can always speak my problems to through prayer.

I will post my final product of page one in my next post, I want to show you guys that I’m trying my hardest and enjoying art!


4 thoughts on “The World of Anne Rain Page 1 Line Art Preview -COMIC UPDATE-

  1. Good job 😀 keep working hard and you can achieve anything! I remember when i was little, i could barely draw a stick figure. Now i can actually draw a whole body. And i have watched your early videos and i saw that you have gotten allot better! Who knows? Maybe in the future you will be publicly printing a comic and making a living! Keep up the good work! 😀


    • Aw, thank you so much, that just brought some light into my day~ Well, I want to be an artist, a writer and even play a few instruments. Hopefully one day! Thank you for the kind comment, I really appreciate it.

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