I forgot to post these reviews that I did with 3 of my classmates and I’m very sorry. I don’t have much time right now since it’s 8:53 P.M Eastern time for me. I will try my best to fully post it, if not tomorrow I’ll continue.

Anon 1:

Q: What’s your favorite page or pages?

A: My favorite pages are pages 10 and 11.

Q: Favorite scene?

A: My favorite scene is when Anne confessed to Smith.

Q: Do you think that this comic can improve?

A: I think the comic is pretty good.

Q: Are you waiting for the next chapter?

A: Yes

Anon 2:

Q: What do you enjoy about this comic?

A: It is full of suspense! John is blond!?

Q: Favorite scene?

A: John holding Anne. Awww…

Q: What would you rate this comic? 1-5

A: 10 million gazillion


When I get on tomorrow morning I’ll post the last one.

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2 thoughts on “Reviews

    • Positivity rocks! I’ll be working on a few pages this week, I guess non-stop xD I actually want to see the pages become digital too, even though I see the traditional ones, color makes me feel happy -v-

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