Blogging From My Dad’s Apartment!

Well, today was my graduation day, one of the best days of my whole entire life. I loved it, everybody was dressed up nicely and the ceremony blew me away! I was so excited because I earned honor roll (we practiced yesterday and they mentioned the students who earned it). I got to take a lot of pictures of my classmates from 6-3 and a few from 6-9. I was dressed up of course! I wore a khaki shirt, a black skirt, black socks, and black flats.

I didn’t bring my USB cable along with me so I can’t upload the photos right now. I’m currently on my older sister’s laptop and it’s kind of hard to type with it. But the laptop is pretty cute~ We ate a lot today at my favorite restaurant called the Oasis. I saw a few classmates eating there too, pretty cool~  We’re suppose to go see a movie later on because my dad promised. But he’s not here right now. I don’t live here with my dad because my mom and him were divorced so long ago. But we don’t live too far from each other. Maybe 25-35 minutes away.

The good news is…..

I got an award + medal! It was a subject that I never knew I could be really good at. But I thank God for this award and I also give it to him because I feel like we were a team this year. Praying has helped a lot, my mom also helped me because there were days that I would completely turn lazy and do my homework late.She would always remind me to do it. My mom made a tune every time she saw me sit there staring at the computer screen.

The subject I got an award is, WORLD LANGUAGE (Spanish) !

There was only 1 award for the subject and I was very glad that I earned it. I got straight A’s for the last marking period (honor roll for once this year) and my mother hugged me so hard when I was walking back to my seat. I wish I could have gotten the valedictorian award though. But knowing that I was the student that tried a lot in World Language like many others and being noticed for it makes me very happy. It’s something I didn’t expect but God has guided me. Not only that, he has given me strength and peace.

Even though I have my days, I have prayed for forgiveness and confessed my feelings unto Him for he is the one I completely put my trust in. This year was truly amazing, hard and worth it in the end. Never give up, you guys who are starting out school, going through elementary, in middle school, high school, etc; the message is, keep going and pray to God always 🙂  I had amazing teachers this year and hopefully I can see them in the future. I want to set an example for others and set an example for myself, pray to God everyday and not give up.

We all have a future ahead of us and I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me online and in real life.God bless you all each day 😀

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