PikaArtists Art Trade WIP + Personal Updates

It’s been a while since my last art post and so, I post a new one! I wrote a status on Facebook saying that I would upload the progress of this art trade and here it is! I have a few things to talk about, but before I do I want to say, sorry for the delay on this art trade. I already recorded part 1 of my progress and hopefully I can get it all done tonight. If not, tomorrow’s a new day. I hope you enjoy the progress so far PikaArtists, I’m trying my best with the coloring. Last night was not so good because Sai kept freezing and my connection wasn’t in good shape. I still got some coloring and recording done though~

If you would like to view their part of the art trade please click this link: http://pikaartists.deviantart.com/#/d56eohf

On the other hand I have a few updates and things I would like to share with you all!

I don’t know if you guys know about a program called Manga Studio (there’s 2 versions, EX and Debut), I have downloaded the program (the first time I did it was EX, I un-installed it because it was confusing and not the version I was looking for. I had to find the trial version of Manga Studio Debut and I did find it. The problem I had that was irritating was finding the folder full of the materials. I searched up the solution on Google but I didn’t do it right and had to try over and over again. I found out my error and the solution that I found worked. I was selecting the wrong folder. So I used it to outline one of my comic pages (it has been a pain so far because I have no clue on how to crop my final product, but I’ll try later on).

It’s a really good program, but I’d rather draw on Sai because it seemed complicated. But practicing helps. The program has a lot of screen tones and artificial backgrounds, I love it 😀 I enjoyed watching drawings that were made on that program and a few videos too. Well, that’s enough talk about Manga Studio (I really enjoyed the program, one day I would like to buy it).

Now to the more personal things plus some comic updates!

By now I hope many of you know that I am in a summer program (from 8:00 A.M to 1:00 P.M) and I have reunited with old friends while making new ones. I met up with 2 Chinese friends that I met one summer in a summer program (I got in trouble in the school I was in for that summer program and had to transfer to were they were). We’ve been having fun, sharing a few memories, laughing and playing UNO (it’s always good to play with a group of people/friends). I enjoy talking to them but we got split into groups. The older sister is with me, the younger sister is with my friend from school (I think).

There are troublemakers in that program and it’s not cool, not everybody curses but I hear it a lot. I’m not perfect, and I do make my mistakes, but I’m pretty energetic, and I do the right thing. There were a few moments that I did get out of the box but nothing that serious. Almost everyday we play UNO (one of my favorite card games) and it’s funny. Today I brought my comic (The World of Anne Rain – traditional version) and I got positive feedback! I have a few reasons on why I only got 1 panel done: I kept talking to my friends, we were playing UNO most of the time and I’m trying to enjoy my summer a bit.

I want to continue my personal updates in another post because this post was meant for a drawing. *Updates title* Thanks for reading my post!


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