I’m Back With the Latest Information On My Personal Life!

Day by day I go to my program, day by day I stay at home, posting, drawing, watching videos on YouTube, thinking about the future and chasing my dreams to write and become a professional! There are days when the negativity kicks in, but gets kicked out by me (sometimes it manages to stay). But today, out of all days I finally pick up a book that suits my interests. You may think of me as only an artist, but no, I am a reader and a writer! Whether it’s reading manga (or a graphic novel), blogging or just looking around the web to see what’s up with the world, I can be called a reader. We are all readers, whether you believe it or not. When you’re reading a text message you become a reader, when you’re rereading your own blog post to check if there are any mistakes you become a reader.

And me, I found a book that has sparked my interest to a higher level in romance after reading the praises for the book. Even though I wish i didn’t stumble upon some of does praises. Thanks to my uncle I got this book called Darkness Unbound by Keri Arthur, A Dark Angels Novel. The cover caught my attention automatically and so did the summary/plot. I have read the first 11 pages, there is no romance still but the author, oh the author gives such details! I can’t wait until we get to the rising action and then the climax! My goodness how much I can talk about a book or whatever I find interesting to read. But I can’t speak about the book fully without reading the whole thing first, I wonder if I should add something to the title of this post.

Well here’s the story on how I got this great novel that I started reading today:

Me and my mom went to a Kmart that is not too far from here (it’s not the one that we usually go to but we went because one of my uncle’s went there with us last week and she found water shoes). We’re going to Camel Beach (as I mentioned in one of my posts) August 5th (so i won’t be posting that day, if I get back late I’ll be exhausted and I probably won’t get on). She thought that there were no more water shoes but it was in the next section (cart). The sizes were above 7/8 (yes, I am a size 7 :mrgreen:) and I got a pair of black ones (black is my favorite color!) and she got a pair that had pink in the middle (I think it was hot pink). Later on (after a lot of looking around and going into the electronics section) we finally went to the book section (the best stop there) and of course, I saw many books,magazines, coloring books, etc. Book paradise.

I saw the book called, The Hunger Games (drum roll please~)! I didn’t watch the movie (there was a movie guide) but while I was in school one of my classmates told me about the book. Yes, I like books better than movies, but at times a movie could be better than a book, everyone has their own opinions. Well, moving on. I kept looking around, searching for a book to read. I found a few that I’ve seen before in Target. Passion was one of them. I am a fan of Romance, and so when I went to the back shelves that had books, the genre was there! Fiction was included. My place to be. I went back and there it was, Darkness Unbound. I read a few pages at first, it was after my mom went looking for my uncle.

The book interested me and when my mom came back I told her. She said that she didn’t have extra money to get it, I got upset because the book got me hooked (I don’t want to walk the plank 😦 !). We had a small argument about going to the library, she knows that I have a project due the first day of school and that I have to read 2 books and have 3 options for the project. She says we’ll go one day and forgets (I don’t blame her because she’s getting old and I don’t remind her 24//7 so I can’t blame her in a disgusting way, and I wouldn’t dare, God forbid). But later on when she finds my uncle I don’t know what she tells hi but all she told me is that he’ll buy it for me as a graduation gift (a big thanks to my uncle and God! 🙂 ) So that’s how I got the book. And of course when i got home I started reading a few more pages (currently on chapter 1, page 11). Then I decided to pick another book I have and read a long time ago called Shadow Land by Alyson Noel. I saw one of her books on one of the book shelves too, so the idea came to me.

Ah Shadow Land, really good book -v- But that book is the 3rd book of the Immortal Series. I forgot who I talked to about the book. This will be a combination of romance, supernatural things and lots of action! Summer time is a fun time to read, especially when you read your favorite genres. So that’s all I have to share about my personal interests in literature. Yay for reading!

The World of Anne Rain page 6 was released earlier today, if you’re someone who reads on Tweets (my Twitter widget is here for comic updates), then you should know that by now. If you didn’t, well now you know! http://maidenscomics.wordpress.com/comics/the-world-of-anne-rain/ I hope you guys are still interested in the comic and keep on reading it. If you lost interest, I won’t be that offended because everybody will like or dislike. I won’t judge you if you really dislike it. Even if people dislike it, I will still continue it because I decided to start it and I will finish it! I’m not a perfect artist or writer but at least I have the power to step up and do something I like to do! But I don’t want to sound rude while saying this ovo If I offended anyone I want to say sorry. I have to speak up you know~

If you guys are interested in making fan art for the comic or want to be guest and do some art go ahead. My email for submitting fan art is: imaidenswingfanartsection@gmail.com Please check out the Fan Art Section page for more info/rules before submitting any art. I don’t want people feeling bad because their art was denied. Thank you for reading, and as always I am thankful. You guys rock, and so does God (He will always be the light in my path). Until the next post, keep reading ~^.^~

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One thought on “I’m Back With the Latest Information On My Personal Life!

  1. I love how ambitious you are, Saky. I also love how you keep trying no matter what. You truly inspire me to keep doing what I love; my passions. I hope (And know) you’ll achieve your goals. Just keep up the positive attitude (It’s contagious!!).

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