Art Trade with Saky (IMaidensWing)+WIP (Work in Progress)

Here Saky I tried hard on it with my tablet it was hard since I got it a week ago and I know that her usual face expression is a mute or uninterested face but I I thought she’d look cute with a preppy cat mouth OῳO But what I hope is that you like it, if not *sits in corner and sobs*

Ok my WIP is a comic I’m still writing down ideas and planning how the main charater would look like, and the problems in their life. I want to make something original and interesting just like Saky’s comic! So heres my idea so far.

Main Character: Uteki 雨滴 Female, 15

Story: She was abandoned when she was born and when she was 2 days old she was found on the street by a nice,bright woman and doesn’t know she was found on the street
Likes: Her pet mochi, Kyandi キャンディ,Her pet Neko (Yes I know it means cat in Japanese -.-) 猫, mom, fresh bento lunch boxes with her favorite food in it (Ramen, Riceballs, and all types of sushi), Cherry Blossom trees, and Aqua

Dislikes: Store Brought Bento Lunch Boxes, mean girls at school, and coke

Thats all for today I’ll be writing more ideas!



5 thoughts on “Art Trade with Saky (IMaidensWing)+WIP (Work in Progress)

  1. I like it, I really like it! Alamond looks very cute as a chibi and the expression is cheerful. It’s true, she looks like an emotionless character but that’s the way I wanted her when I first drew her. Great job and I’m glad that we could do this art trade together and nice story you’ve got there so far :3 Makes me want to go to Japan or the Japanese market here in NJ. Hehe, glad my comic had some influence ^.^

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