Squibies I made

Click  this link: http://squiby.net/user/glitters2335 to find my adoptables. They are password protect only for the users on that site that do not know me. But if you guys ask below, I could give the password :) They’re not the most awesome Squibies in the universe but I think they look okay. Except for the fact that they are all blurry because I had to resize them and I made them on Microsoft Paint, the one that comes with you PC. I have the like, 2000 version.

Cupcake and Ice Cream…ah…

If you don’t have a Squiby account you could still adopt, so…yeah. Here are pictures before they were resized, and then the Squibies. I hope people who doeshave an account could adopt them. ( especially Cphan )

*sigh* it’s taking so long…..

Here is Cupcake!

Yep…proud of it.

Ice Cream is still uploading, so here’s just the original picture:

If you like them , adopt them!



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