I Became a 7th Grader

Good morning everyone, Maiden here, back from the trip with my cousins and in school. Yesterday I became an official 7th grader and I’m very pleased 🙂 The first day of school was magnificent and full of happiness. I met all of my new teachers and I instantly liked them all. I got my schedule and guess what! I made it into an advanced homeroom!

The first day of school, a morning full of rain and preparation. A morning full of motherly love and prayers. The morning started out good and it got much better when I got to school, even though it was raining. My mom took me to school because she was not working and so that brought me lots joy. Once I got to school I saw many 7th grade students entering our side ready to go into the school that would shelter us from the weather.

I, like many other students, entered the auditorium ready to sit. As I walked along the back a few people said h and I recognized my friends from the past years and the year before, and from my summer program. I was going to sit in the front but I saw my friend Lily. So I decided to sit next to her. I asked for her homeroom number and was surprised when we were not in the same class. It would have been nice to see her in my class.

After that we started talking about other things. A girl came and sat right next to me. I didn’t notice that I’ve seen her before (I think she was from my old school) until I started talking to her. Very nice moment. The next thing you know the auditorium was packed with 7th graders. Getting out was a problem, too many students getting out at once and getting lost is another one. But two men were there helping out the 7th graders that needed help getting to their homeroom. So I asked both of them and yes, I did get lost at first but I made it to my homeroom.

Once I got there I couldn’t believe who was there. Some of my old classmates and summer program friends were there! I was very happy to see them and my new teacher, Mrs.Mieses Leger (she is also my LAL teacher). I personally think that she is kind. Mrs.Mieses Leger gave us a brief biography about herself and it was pretty interesting. Later on we got our schedules (Did I mention that my class could get pretty quiet? That’s the peace I did not feel most of the time in 6th grade).

I felt too much excitement throughout the day, meeting my new teachers, my new chorus teacher, signing up for violin, getting lost. That’s the true positive feeing I want to feel everyday. Now that I’m home (I started this post in the morning but I didn’t have a chance to finish it), I can truly say that middle school is a great time to start being positive. I’m not giving up, even if there may be a few rude people (I barely met any) and I thank God for it all! My teachers are great, my classmates are great, what more can I ask for. A positive experience everyday would make me happy. God bless all of you.

I also want to say sorry for not posting. With school going on and some other things I forget to post or don’t have enough time. I have to shower at 9 P.M and wake up at 6 A.M. I was reading a few mangas earlier so i didn’t publish this. I hope that you guys can forgive me once again. I should be attending this blog and my art duties. Hopefully I can start on Saturday, I come exhausted from school and I all I wanted to do is relax and eat dinner.

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