Finishing Up My Homework and Enjoying 7th Grade

Hello there! Welcome to my world, a world full of knowledge and art. I am IMaidensWing, your guide today. I welcome you all to 7th grade, an experience that will change your lives!

Haha, I’m just kidding 🙂 Well, some parts did start off the post but I’m here with an update in my life. My new life, my growth spurt in education. Right now I’m finishing up my DRA homework and watching Code Lyoko (it’s not anime!). I’m also watching Por Ella Soy Eva (I work with almost everything turned on and who knows if that’ll change), a Spanish soap opera, or as we Hispanics call it, a novela. Now you may be thinking “Why does she watch TV and do her homework at the same time?”, and I will answer that. I am one of does people who need something on (not on full blast) to get moving. Plus I’m used to it. Right now I’m writing this post before I eat dinner and start my homework again.

I also had math homework (Order of Operations) and it took me a long time to finish. It was easy, I’m not saying that it wasn’t. It’s been a while since I’ve done does type of problems. But I’m glad to have finished it, I needed a break. Today we had a few tests and I felt really happy to see that I got a lot done. I tried my hardest, especially in math! The first full day of school was great. We played basketball (dribbling) and I made a shot, but I didn’t dribble when coming back so it didn’t count. In the end we still one and left first! My teachers are still great and their kindness makes me smile.

I’m sorry to say this but I must end this post. I have to eat dinner. Hopefully I’ll post something else later or tomorrow. See you all later and God bless you all!

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About IMaidensWing

Welcome to my mini profile! Hello, I'm IMaidensWing, a 13 year old artist,blogger and writer. I've been blogging since the age of 10, drawing since the age of 11, and writing for a long time. I'm administrator of Fantageland93/Sakura93's World and I'm happy to see my site grow. I am now heading out to my 8th grade year in September but until then I shall continue to produce artwork. If you would like to commission me on deviantART you may read my commission journal.

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