iDeserts ^.^

Herro! It’s ThePureBloodPrincess here. x3. You-Know-Who. Lawl, it’s me, Tara! Rememberrr…?

iDeserts ^.^


A very yummy background…


Cakes! :3
This is a very… PINK cake, don’t ya think?
Do these look like cakes…? O.O
Mini Ginger Man:
^.^ Herro!

Do you feel hungry now!? ;3

Erm, and there’s an iDesert Contest at my blog. Click Here to see the post.
I ❤ posting, it makes me feel less bored. You have no idea how bored I am right now T.T
Anyways, erm, bye!
~*~Muwhahahaha. I’m the evil PureBloodPrincess. You-know-who, Evilness. ~*~

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