Sorry i havent posted here for so long!

i just recently realized its been weeks maybbe months since ive posted on either Maiden’s or my blog :/ if anybody has been checking up on my devaint art i have been updating quite a bit, but i havent had the time to post on wordpress for awhile. After all, i spend most of my time doing homework,reading manga,watching anime, or hanging out with my brother. I recently finished both the anime Soul Eater and the anime Madoka Magica, i finish the Ouran High manga, and i am working on the Soul Eater manga :3 Anyways, i have some art pieces that i i want to show you guys! Both of them are based off my OC Alisa. 


Both of these were done with my laptop touch thinga magig, since i cant find part of my tablet pen D:

Anyways i think i have been improving a lot, and i appreciate any feedback!


You can visit my devaint art HERE


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