My Days in Middle School Can Be Much Better and They Do Get Better! But This Morning Was Dramatic

Hello everyone. I’m back with a new post today. An important post that will soon change my life. But before I do that I want to give a big shout out to my friend CrazyComicLady from YouTube! She has reached over 100 subscribers and I am very happy for her 🙂 Isn’t it great to see a friend reach his/her’s goal? It makes me feel all cheerful inside!

Today was a really great day, like many of the days that go on in middle school now a days. Yet this day in November was different, not completely different from each other day though. This morning was a dramatic and sad morning. While my friend who is currently getting dropped off on her side of the building there was a fight it seemed. It’s common though. The crowd was huge and there were people cheering on the fighters for some apparent reason. Now, you guys know that I’m against fighting (it’s hard to tell a teacher at times so I will not judge anyone) and that it is something I can’t bear to see in real life. It’s terrifying. I did see a classmate of mine laughing and jumping for joy and many other 7th and 8th graders doing the same. It wasn’t until period 4 that I heard a friend of mine talking about it with me.

There were people recording (like the classmate I mentioned above) the scene of the crime and it may have been two girls. I’m not sure so I can’t say exactly what went on for what reason. Well, I would like to speak about my trip to my guidance counselor. A trip that has given me a push into my next journey to reach my goals. I talked about how I feel pressured at school with all the work I have to do and that our teachers expect a lot from us. I want to do better but she said that there is no need to. I have great grades she said and she even told me what there were.

I have a B+ in LAL

An A+ in math

An A+ in social studies and gym class

At times I can be irresponsible and I admit that I am afraid to fail. I can say it to the world if I wanted to. I feel like I can do a much better job and I would like to do so. She said that I am a person who wants everything to be perfect and that I should admit defeat when it comes. At the same time I talked about how I’m against bullying and the high school I would love to go to. I told her that I want to do art (graphic design, animation and many things in art. She said that the high school I want to go to is a great choice for art and wrote it down on her clipboard. I felt so excited! I didn’t even miss my math class.

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