Wattpad Cover Voting!

Now that I am on Wattpad and ready to share my literature, the first piece I will publish is A Dark World That Fades, a poem I created during my school’s book festival. thanks to Caridad de la Luz, “La Bruja”. To go along with this poem I have created two different covers that I need some votes on. Personally, the second cover is more appealing because the background and font are in unison. On the other hand, all comments are appreciated.

Cover 1

Cover 2

Check out more of my artwork at Deviantart! http://imaidenswing.deviantart.com/

Preview of A Dark World That Fades (Stanzas 1-2)

Across the land, a barren wasteland

Stood the darkness in my shining light

Across the wilderness and the waters, across their rejection and the towers,

As my wings fluttered in the empty air,

What a lonely sight to be the only pigeon,

A pigeon who dashed across the tide in the darkness,

Although the world attacked, I leaped and flew away to the blinking lights

They blinked as I guided the lonely world

My Wattpad profile: [link]

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About IMaidensWing

Welcome to my mini profile! Hello, I'm IMaidensWing, a 13 year old artist,blogger and writer. I've been blogging since the age of 10, drawing since the age of 11, and writing for a long time. I'm administrator of Fantageland93/Sakura93's World and I'm happy to see my site grow. I am now heading out to my 8th grade year in September but until then I shall continue to produce artwork. If you would like to commission me on deviantART you may read my commission journal.

8 thoughts on “Wattpad Cover Voting!

  1. Hi IMaidensWing!
    I was wondering if you could tell me which tablet and mouse pen you bought since I can’t find any good tablets or mouse pens. If you could give me a link or recommend me to any websites that sell good tablets and mouse pens, that would be amazing! Thanks!! 🙂

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