Art Trades/Requests

Last Updated 6-7-13

Status: Closed

= Not started

= Sketching

= Line Art

= Coloring

= Completed

Art Trades
.Pandaren: Minzy from KPop Band 2NE1 Sketching (8)

.Littleauthor12 (deviantART): Her OC, Thor – Pixel Style 12 (13)

.Chandrey’s Character: Elise Chibi  (1)

.Peacegirl917: -Surprise request- A girl with black hair and black clothes Completed = Completed (10)

.Sonamyfan7: Marshall Lee Icon + Style 4 icon of Sonamyfan7 Completed (11)

.NoxieNation: Full body drawing of NoxieNation  Completed = Completed (12)

.Taylor Swift: Chibi Tutorial  (Last)
.Tohru from Fruits Basket: Chibi Tutorial Requested by: Tara   (Last # 2)

.CrazyComicLady (YouTube): Modern day Kisara with Seto Kaiba Chibis  Sketching (5)

.CrazyComicLady (YouTube): Pandy getting a hair cut short comic  Sketching  = Drafting (9)


Sketch (Portrait/Full Body)

Flat Color (Portrait/Full Body)

Completely Shaded/Detailed (Portrait/Full Body)


Information needed in your message:

Title: (Please state if it is an art trade or request and your name)
Type (Sketch, flat color, or completely shaded/detailed):
Description (Poses, perspective, etc):
Canvas Size:
Details needed (backgrounds, objects, etc):
Email, YouTube, or active online account:

Do’s and Dont’s:

I will do the following:

  • Original characters
  • Chibis
  • Digital drawings
  • Fan art
  • Simple Backgrounds/Designs
  • Multiple characters
  • Pixels

I will not do the following:

  • Contest entries
  • Traditional drawings
  • Animals (unless it’s part of the character’s design)
  • Realistic art
  • Super detailed backgrounds
  • Furries (unless the character has some animal features)
  • Answer to this question: Can I send you updates about your art trade or request? Yes or no

You can add additional information, comments, etc. Please note that I will reply with my answer and if you are accepted you will get a number. This number shows me the order that I will work in. Please read the images above that explain what I will do, my contact information and if you get denied.


33 thoughts on “Art Trades/Requests

    • Cc, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a comment form you on my site. Of course you can, but art trades and requests are on hold. I can add you to my list but I won’t get to you right away. I have a certain order to stick to. I still have to work on the last one you requested.

    • Thank you for inviting me Tara, it was very thoughtful of you. I’m trying not to celebrate any of the holidays, especially Halloween. I would’t mind joining if I could draw anything that is fall related, like fall fashion or a fall background. Nothing that is related to Halloween though.

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