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Love all my friends :) They care for me, and they're the koolest friends I've ever had including my friends here :D Even though they can't see me and I can't see them, I still feel like I have a very close relationship w/ each of my friends :) Thanks 6J, sakky, cupcake, may may, miley, sky, sumi, kyra :D it's only people like you who make a difference in this world and my life ♥

Voring results!!!

Hello everyone!!!

The results are finally in…. *drumroll* and the winning entry is…..

“Name unknown”


By: PokiiChan

Thank-you to our viewers for voting! PokiiChan’s winning entry will be seen in the Contest Winners page ASAP. Second place goes to…

“Kimberley on a horse”


By: PokiiChan

And finally, our 3rd place winner is:

“Jade Harley”


By: Pandaren

Please discuss which prizes you want by email (impartofelf@yahoo.com) Again, you can see the prizes here:
free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com




☆~Re-colour Summer Contest~☆ LOCATION CHANGE

Hey everyone! Moved all this stuff somewhere else, PLUS I changed the deadlines, so please go ahead and click that. Thanks, it would be appreciated if you click on that right now, because I’ve just informed you ahead of time ^^

Click here for:
free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com

Click here for:
free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com



P.S. Sorry about yesterday, I didn’t get to post because I was really busy yet again. Thanks, and bye!

Oh no! My cake! :o

Hey guys!

How many of you guys like cake? 😀
I do!! ^^ but only the cake with the fruits on top, strawberry shortcake, and ice cream cake ;3 Anyways, here’s a gif of me dropping cake on my pretty dress :O Oh no! And this is currently my accurate look on Fantage right now ^^ how do you like it?

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Re-colour summer contest info is here~!

Hey y’all!!!

Remember when I said I’d post next Wednesday? Well I forgot >n< So I’m sorry!!! ^^ Just one day late, thank goodness! 0:-) Anyways, here is the info to Sakky and I’s re-colour contest! Click on the picture to enlarge or go here to the original site.

Click here to read on the original site

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Thanks and I PROMISE I’ll be back next Wednesday ♥ Bye!~


☆Re-colour summer contest partnering☆

Hey guys! I know, I haven’t made a post on the blog for a WHILE now, so over this summer, I want to change that 🙂 Once a week, I’ll be posting a new post here on different days, ok? So my next post here, will be next Wednesday 😀 Anyways, please read the title. Yep, I decided I want to host a re-colour summer contest partnering with Sakky here ^^ (Btw, I ask for your permission on this and for your affirmation. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, but I’d appreciate it if you did xP)


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Post for Sakura

Hellooo everyone! I am back… surprisingly :/ and now i have some news to share! (Well not rlly news just some awards I wanna give out xD just titles … not REAL awards :P) Ok here we go:

IMaidensWing is nominated for…. THE MOST HARD WORKING BLOG AUTHOR OF 2012!!!!!


And a note to Maiden/Sakura now!

Hey Maiden/Sakura! I sent an email to you.. Idk if you got it or not but I hope you did because I need an urgent response right now! I have a straight deadline and I really need your help on this, Thank-you!


Yellooooooo??? Mixed Emotions

Hey y’all!!! It’s meh Smiley and I have a drama comin up to show you guys :O I also made 2 new characters! One’s called a “Buno” and it’s kinda like the um.. (omg! i keep forgetting the name of it >:O) uh nvm ~.~ And the other is called, “Miko” 😀 It’s an anime character btw (and a boy xD) Anyways, want to kno why the title is called mixed emotions? Cuz Fantage keeps on making me frustrated T.T Yello: A speaking term which means Hello in Vector’s Language (See more in Despicable Me, the movie) Enjoy my random post cuz u won’t be reading from me again until next week! :mrgreen: Kay, bye

~Ali ❤

P.S. Maiden I left u a note on a post on my blog btw about ur theme 🙂 just askin somethin…. O.o

Swimming – The tiring days :/

Hey guys!!!

I wanted to post here rl bad so I am doing so! This summer is RLLY RLLY hot but I’m glad I take swimming on tuesdays and fridays. PLUS I get to stay in an ACed house all day! Soo it’s not too bad rlly 🙂 AND my dad bought COOKIE DOUGH ICE CREAM LAST NIGHT AND FUDGICLES :O Yum! so anyways – swimming -, I rlly shouldn’t complain about swimming or anything rlly because lots of pplz around the world aren’t as fortunate as us :/ So please think first before complaining bout somethin bye!


Contests: Boosting up

Hey everyone! Just want to remind you that you have only 1 week and 3 more days till the deadline of my art contest. Please enter otherwise I’ll have to dismiss this contest until I see people are willing to enter. Again, the link for the art contest is here: https://fantageland93.wordpress.com/2012/04/07/art-contest/#comment-1492 The rules for it are here: https://fantageland93.wordpress.com/2012/04/07/re-art-contest-rules/ And the prizes for it are here: https://fantageland93.wordpress.com/2012/04/07/re-art-contest-prizes/ This can also be viewed on my blog here: http://smileyface46dotcom.wordpress.com/

Ty for reading!