A letter to Maiden’s Pixel Lottery Contestants

With all of the pain that I am feeling right now it is urgent for the Maiden’s Pixel Lottery contestants to read this.


Re-colour summer contest info is here~!

Hey y’all!!!

Remember when I said I’d post next Wednesday? Well I forgot >n< So I’m sorry!!! ^^ Just one day late, thank goodness! 0:-) Anyways, here is the info to Sakky and I’s re-colour contest! Click on the picture to enlarge or go here to the original site.

Click here to read on the original site

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Thanks and I PROMISE I’ll be back next Wednesday ♥ Bye!~


Maiden’s Pixel Lottery 20,000 Blog Views Special PDF – Invitation to All Deviants! (Draft/Preview)

Maidens Pixel Lottery PDF Preview Draft 2

After sharing the news of Maiden’s Pixel Lottery with a quick upload I did on Deviantart, mentioning the contest’s existence would take some work. And this article will hopefully help out in the process. As a young artist I decided to mix my talent of writing and art to make an unbelievable article. This quick preview is for you my dear WordPress friends and viewers to show the article I’m working on, even though it’s just a draft. I feel like it can improve and that’s why I’m asking for your opinions. A quick comment wouldn’t hurt in fact, it would actually be helpful because as a writer constructive criticism is important.

Briefly I would like to give a big thanks to everyone who has liked my posts and have commented on specific ones recently. I’m sorry for not replying to all of you, but remember, I do read your lovely comments 🙂

IMaidensWing’s 2012 Chibi Art Summary + Contest Prizes!

Blank meme was created by DustBunnyThumper

Blank meme was created by DustBunnyThumper Uploaded January 3, 2013 on Deviantart.

Chibi Kisa Sohma Icon Static Colored Contest Prize Pixel Lottery Special Kisa Sohma from Fruits Basket. *This pixel is for LilySwirl’s use only

Chibi Natsuki Icon Static Colored Contest Prize Pixel Lottery Special Natsuki from LilPri *This pixel is for Twinkle’s use only

Chibi Amu Hinamori Icon Static Colored Contest Prize Pixel Lottery Special Amu Hinamori from Shugo Chara *This pixel is for Sammii’s use only

Good morning WordPress friends! I hope you’re all enjoying this grand artistic update that has represented my journey in drawing chibis. I can’t believe that I have improved in one year of practicing such a style. I thank God for the year 2012 because I’ve improved not only as an artist but a person. Also a big thanks to everyone who has followed me during my journey, you’re support is really appreciated. I know that I may not be posting as much as before but when I do I’ll make sure to make a great post.

I’ve been pretty active on Deviantart and I have over 10 watchers! I joined 2 weeks ago on my 13th birthday and since then I’ve met amazing artists and friends. I also made my first journal on Saturday, it was quite an exciting experience just to share my goals and thoughts.

IMaidensWing via Deviantart

Maiden’s Pixel Lottery Progress Report:

9 contestants

10/57 pixels completed

Once a person’s pixels are completed I will make sure to email them in one folder. I just need your permission my dear contestants 🙂

Maiden’s Pixel Lottery Speical: All Advertisements Have Been Posted on My Feature Widget!

Good afternoon everyone, I’m back with some good news for the contestants of Maiden’s Pixel Lottery. As stated in the title all advertisements have been posted on my feature widget. I took off the post that was at the very top of my blog which included all of the contestants’ name and put the banners up instead. So hopefully you guys can visit those wonderful websites mentioned because each author has something to share.

-Contest Update- Emails Are Being Sent With the Prizes, Make Sure to Comment If You Have Not Done So!

Good evening to you all! More and more updates might come along the way. I’m here ready to post another very important notice for the contestants of Maiden’s Pixel Lottery. Emails are being sent out with the first prizes requested and hopefully you guys won’t get afraid when you see an email with the title Maiden’s Pixel Lottery # 1 – 20,000 Blog Views Special Hosted by IMaidensWing (Prize). I hope you guys enjoy your prizes and use them as your Gravatar, Deviant Art icon or YouTube icon :mrgreen:

Also, I would also like to talk about something that happened to me when I went to school this evening. I got my first middle school report card! It was so exciting to just hold it in my freezing hands! The night was really chilly but I had to get my report card, I couldn’t miss out on it. Once I got my report card my mom took the paper and looked at it. This new report card was different from my elementary school one and I was really surprised. It didn’t have the same layout as before, so I felt a bit strange.

Guess what I got! Straight A’s friends! High honors for this girl!

Language Arts: A

Math: A

Physical Education: A+

Strings (violin): A+

Social Studies: A+

I am very thankful for such grades and it was God who allowed me to get here. Not only have I worked hard these last 3 months, 23 days, I have worked hard these last 8 years in school.

-Contest Update- Maiden’s Pixel Lottery- Pixels and Advertisments Are Being Made One Step At a Time

Good morning to all of you who are currently roaming WordPress grounds like myself, looking for an adventure of some sort. Well this mornings post is to notify the contestants of Maiden’s Pixel Lottery to say that I have completed  3 pixels from 3 different people and I am starting on the rest. I’m sorry for not getting to you guys as quickly as possible, school has taken a lot of time from me but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop working on your lovely pixels. The thing is I have no clue where to contact you guys when I’m done and that’s my main reason for making this post.

My dear contestants, would you like me to email you or simply post it here when I’m done? I don’t want anyone taking what I have made for you. You guys earned you pixels fair and square so I have to make sure to complete what I have promised.

A Big Thanks to Everyone Who Has Joined Maiden’s Pixel Lottery

I want to give a big thanks to everyone who has joined Maiden’s Pixel Lottery so far because that kindness is what makes me want to continue doing contests like this one.As promised I will be featuring those who haved joined the contest, to even things out. I will try to make your pixels this week after school and during my break. Pixels don’t take so long to make, so hopefully you guys will get them as soon as possible. I will also be making the  banners for each person with one of the pixels requested. Here are the contestants!









You still have an opportunity to join this contest hosted by me, so don’t forget to join! More details here.

Join Maiden’s Pixel Lottery! It Just Started. You Can Win Pixels and Features! Hosted by IMaidensWing

Good afternoon everyone. IMaidensWing here, happily posting to share my new contest that just started today. Maiden’s Pixel Lottery is now open. You can win many pixels and features on my blog if you follow some very simple steps. This lottery is to congratulate my blog on its recent achievement for 20,000 views! I want to give a big thanks to everyone by doing this contest. Hopefully there will be an unlimited amount of viewers helping out 🙂 Click here to view the contest details

 Maiden’s Pixel Lottery, a new way to say thank you.

Keep Voting! There’s An Upcoming Contest! Details Coming Soon

Hello everyone. After posting about my latest achievement here on my blog I posted a new poll. A poll that would decide what I would do as a special for this blog. Well, one vote said that I should do a contest and I was thinking, what a great idea. I already had a plan on doing a contest for my upcoming project I Won’t Give Up! but that will come later on in 2013. As you guys know I have been working with pixels for quite some time now and that I have my own style that I have made a base for, so why not use that skill?

Contests that involve pixels/icons will be labeled as “Maiden’s Pixel Lottery” and in this case this contest will be labeled as “Maiden’s Pixel Lottery # 1 – 20,000 Blog Views Special” Hopefully there will be a lot of features and kindness going on with this upcoming contest. I have been working on it for more than 20 minutes and right now I am making the final modifications. Many pixels can be won, so be on the look out for more details!

And don’t forget to share the news! All support is accepted!