Re-colour summer contest info is here~!

Hey y’all!!!

Remember when I said I’d post next Wednesday? Well I forgot >n< So I’m sorry!!! ^^ Just one day late, thank goodness! 0:-) Anyways, here is the info to Sakky and I’s re-colour contest! Click on the picture to enlarge or go here to the original site.

Click here to read on the original site

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Thanks and I PROMISE I’ll be back next Wednesday ♥ Bye!~



Anne Rain Blinking Icon (Made With Gimp)

I downloaded Gimp Shop (Gimp) again because I was really interested in making icons again after looking at some. I was so excited to start a new icon last night but I really didn’t like how it was coming out. So this morning I tried drawing on MS Paint and Paint.Net, but it was kind of hopeless. So I had the strength to do one after I came, and so this is my final result:

 I’m so happy that I could do this icon! I’m not perfect at making icons, but I think I’m pretty good at making them~ But I am not a beginner if you’re wondering. I’m probably close/almost close to intermediate. I used to make icons (rarely), but I feel like I’m much better now. It took more than 30 minutes, and a few tutorials, but it was worth it!

You may download this icon and use it for whatever purpose but please give credit! I tried my best, you may critique if you’d like 🙂 Thanks for reading my post and God bless you all!



The Letraset Site Is Having a Clearance!

This morning I was looking around their site and I got surprised to see a 35% sale on things I didn’t see in the ProMarker section. When I clicked the button, bam, the comic sets were there! They’re currently $21.68 (originally $29.01) I was so happy! I just told my mom and I’m going to show her.

If you would like to view the items that you can save on here’s the link:

But, what do you guys think?

I know what I need more traditional practice, especially in outlining my pictures, I could always wait. The reason why I would get them is because of the sale o: Me and my mind now a days.

I thank God that it’s Friday! Comic making time!


I read too many comics now a days!

Suddenly my love for comics has come flying through my door,and has increased. I haven’t read this much manga in my life, and I’ve finished reading more than 3 (online) and I can’t seem to think straight at home. But I’m reading romance, school life, and supernatural mixed together. But romance is what I love the most. I can’t believe that most of it takes place in high school years -cries-

But I’m trying my best not to read too much manga. It’s not healthy. I keep laughing too much, or I end up crying. So much emotions in a comic, I seem to be in a weird state. But enough comic talk! I have to give out some updates~

I am doing an art interview for the talent show at school, and I was accepted! I feel very happy and thankful. God has kept me strong through these times and so this strength will be used correctly. I melted when I heard the news~

I will be working on some art since I haven’t posted any lately. In real life I’ve been drawing a bit. I’m sorry if I don’t update enough (comic reading hit me hard on the head). I want to make it up to you guys by finishing up my comic and posting more!

Also, I’ve been getting feedback about the comic, my classmates also told me this, it looks like the first page isn’t very understandable. But I want to explain as much as I can. The first page of chapter one shows a conversation between me and Anne Rain (the protagonist of the story), and later on we are back into reality, Anne gets a call from Smith (the second main character). I hope this clears up any confusion.

I hope you guys don;’t think I’m strange or anything, I really have nothing else to do at home. But I’m glad to post everyday, or when I can. God bless you all, he will give you strength 🙂

The World of Anne Rain Page 1

Finally after one hour of adding the text! Paint.Net didn’t go too fast (but most of the time it went smoothly, it didn’t respond a few times), but I managed to get this page done! Sorry about the quality, if you click the image hopefully there will be a clearer view. I hope you enjoy page one! I will be uploading the cover art and summary to my comic site later on in the day. I have 2 requests and 1 art trade to work on. 9 more pages to go~

The World of Anne Rain Page 1 Line Art Preview -COMIC UPDATE-

Last night I was up late reading chapter 55 of Faster Than a Kiss (amazing comic!), and my friend was over. She was also reading some of it with me. We had some fun talking and playing with a baseball. Later on I was working on the line art for my short comic. I wanted to show you guys what I have so far. The speech bubbles will be made on Paint Net since Sai doesn’t have an ellipse tool. I hope this short comic gets a lot of good online feedback, I’ve got some good ones at school.

I’ve always thought of making a comic, but I never thought that I would actually start and get such nice comments from teachers and students. Dreams do come true~ I’m sorry for not posting much, I’ve been reading a lot of comics on MangaFox, MangaReader, etc. I also feel a bit upset but I thank God for keeping me strong, for He is my light, shield and the person I can always speak my problems to through prayer.

I will post my final product of page one in my next post, I want to show you guys that I’m trying my hardest and enjoying art!

Report Card Night Was Amazing!

Yesterday was one of the best days of my life, I’m serious! I smiled the whole night away. I was the first one to get my report card in my homeroom 🙂 My grades stayed the same (Spanish rose a bit), but still, I was really happy and got the best news ever for next year~! There’s a big chance of me going to an advanced class next year (like this year). I love my life so much! 😀

I got the following grades:

A’s for LAL/Writing,Math,Health,Science,Social Studies

B for Spanish (88)

I passed all my classes including art(I don’t have it this year),PE, and Music.

0 Absences 0 Tardy slips

I guess we don’t get comments this time 😦 But my homeroom/Spanish teacher said I’m a really good student ^.^ My science teacher also said that 😀 I visited the principal because of an issue that happened one month ago. Then I visited my 5th grade teacher to show him my grades and say hi :3 He’s very kind and he said very nice things.

I’m sorry once more for not posting, I’ve been busy and my state test is coming up in less than 10 days. The Gumi speed paint took up a lot of space (I don’t know why) and so it will be broken up into parts *cries*

The Phantom of the Opera + 2 New OCs!ot a new folder- Angry Birds!

I bought a new book in Target (cheap price), and it was hard to pick at first. I was going to get Alice in Wonderland (I have fan art for that) but I decided to look somewhere else in that section. I found 3-4 interesting books, I couldn’t decide which one to pick! But I stayed with the Phantom of the Opera (very nice book so far). I love the front image/cover. I love reading, and hopefully I will be inspired through that book.

I also have 2 new OCs:

-Anne Rain


I’m not 100% sure if I drew Alice from Wonderland, but I’ll upload it soon 🙂 I love my drawing and coloring!! I will submit to the Fan Art Section’s Gallery page to start it off -v- Until then, read many books!

2012 Solar Flares-Something I learned today

There was asmall discussion  today about the solar flares that are going to hit (or already) Earth. I wasn’t scared and the only reason why is because I know God will protect us.

I did my research and yes,it has happened before,but this one is a bit tougher and it’s aiming towards North America (where I am :c) or around this area.

This is the first time I ever hear about this and I don’t think it’s scary. Many things are going to be affected (technology) and well,if it happens it happens we can’t reverse it,it’s the universe-it’s nature. But may God protect us all,because He always has.

I read these articles:

Solar flares shake earths magnetic field like a snow globe

Solar storms continuing to hit Earth

Inu x Boku

I’ve been watching Inu x Boku since last week and it’s an epic anime. The last few episodes just get romantic. I really enjoy the anime and I can’t stop posting facebook statuses for it! But episode 9 comes out on Crunchyroll the 15th. But I already read the manga online (read chapter 13,14 comes out soon),so i pretty much know all the love and comedy that’s going around. It gave me ideas to write more~

You guys should watch it,if you’re bored and really like anime,this would be a really good one to watch. It’s on going in English. But it’s already in Chinese and Japanese (I guess it’s completed). If I ever make an anime when I grow up,I’d like it to be in English first *v*.
Back to my math homework,it’s the last subject I have to finish for tonight.