Oh no! My cake! :o

Hey guys!

How many of you guys like cake? 😀
I do!! ^^ but only the cake with the fruits on top, strawberry shortcake, and ice cream cake ;3 Anyways, here’s a gif of me dropping cake on my pretty dress :O Oh no! And this is currently my accurate look on Fantage right now ^^ how do you like it?

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Re-colour summer contest info is here~!

Hey y’all!!!

Remember when I said I’d post next Wednesday? Well I forgot >n< So I’m sorry!!! ^^ Just one day late, thank goodness! 0:-) Anyways, here is the info to Sakky and I’s re-colour contest! Click on the picture to enlarge or go here to the original site.

Click here to read on the original site

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Thanks and I PROMISE I’ll be back next Wednesday ♥ Bye!~


Pixels and More Pixels By IMaidensWing + Updates in My Artistic Journey + Maiden’s Pixel Lottery Checklist on Deviantart

Atelier’s OC contest entry – Cotton Candy (left), Toph from Avatar the Last Airbender request (center/middle/pixel #2), and Nagisa from Clannad Maiden’s Pixel Lottery prize for Peacegirl917 (right). These pixels are NOT to be used by any online users except the corresponding users, but I will take any pixel requests 🙂

Contest Entry Chibi-Toph-Icon-Animated-Request Chibi-Nagisa-Icon-Animated-Colored-Contest-Prize-Pixel-Lottery-Special

Brief art updates:

-After ordering 2 books off Barnes and Noble’s online shop, I finally received them on Saturday. I purchased Shojo Fashion Manga Art School by Irene Flores and Mastering Manga With Mark Crilley, and I am very excited to have them 🙂

-I’m learning how to use Photoshop CS3 for animating my pixels.

-Recently I’ve received very kind comments from various Deviantart users on my most recent pieces of artwork shown above.

Even though I have given these brief art updates I would also like to mention that I am currently writing up an application for NJ Seeds, a program that is currently running around the state of New Jersey for 7th graders (there is also a program for younger grades if you look around). This program is to help students, like myself, who have financial problems and excellent grades/NJ ASK scores.

The application is 7 pages long but I have filled in 90% of it and I’m currently working my way through writing the essays they’re asking for meanwhile I’m still trying to keep up with my regular school assignments as well. With the help of God I’ve managed to do many things this year such as supporting my peers, getting my art out there, and sharing the belief of His existence 😀 Thank you for the support WordPress friends! And my sincerest apologizes for the inactivity 😦 If you would like to see more uploads please check out my Deviantart account and please don’t forget that I won’t stop posting here. WordPress is my home and I’m here to stay.

Pandy Button Design (2.25 Button Design) With a Watermark

If I get a chance to make buttons in the future this would be one of many designs that I would sell. But if my style were to improve then I would make a better version of this drawing.

Button size: 2.25 Inch – 400 DPI

Pandy Button Design Sample W Watermark Template from AmericanButtonMachines website.

Possible questions:

Q. Do you own Photoshop?

A. I currently do not own Photoshop and I thank God that Gimp converted the template to an RGB file. Gimp is my alternative to Photoshop for editing and adding text to my art.

Q. What size is this button?

A. The original size of this beautiful button is 2.25 inches in diameter.

Q. Are you selling this button by any chance?

A. Right now I am not selling any buttons because I do not have the proper equipment to make them. Hopefully in the future I’ll start selling them, I don’t have enough funds to buy the kit I want from AmericanButtonMachines.

Q. How did you do the white outline on the text?

A. I found a tutorial on a website called Gimpology.

AmericanButtonMachines is a website that makes buttons directly from the US and sells a variety of button materials. SixCentPress is an alternative for those who live in Canada.

Copic update: Earlier today my mother brought me the 3 Copic Sketch markers I purchased off Oozak after days of waiting. The colors are: YR000 – Silk, RV52 – Cotton Candy and E99 – Baked Clay, this means I have 18 markers in my collection 🙂

Thank You YouTuber Subscribers! Violin Modeling Sheet WIP – Thank You Gift + My Concert is This Thursday

Good evening WordPress friends, I hope you’re all doing well this month of December. Many things have been going on in my life and the world around me, a world called America. But before I go into further detail with what has happened recently I would like to share some good news with you all 😀

I currently have over 170 subscribers on YouTube and I’m very glad to achieve such a number. Hopefully one day I’ll reach 200 or maybe even 500! I was very excited to see that many people have been subscribing to me lately and that my art is finally be noticed at a good pace. I know that this is a blessing from God and I’ll make sure to take advantage of the moment in a good way. Hopefully the video I have prepared for you guys will be a bit meaningful. It isn’t too long but I want to break the ice in the video making world.

Part of that video includes a small speed paint of this work in progress of a modeling sheet for my new character, Violin.

Violin Sheet WIP

This character is part of a plan b I have just in case my classmate’s comic doesn’t work out. Hopefully we’ll get that project done for our social studies class. This character belongs to the possible comic, 12-12-12: Another World. There’s a huge possibility of this becoming an independent project. I have already started the script and I have currently written 7 pages. I found that writing scripts isn’t too difficult once you start writing. My social studies teacher really liked it and said that this “plan b” is more of a free choice project, not a comic strip/cartoon one.

Would you like to learn more about this project (12-12-12: Another World)?

That WIP image is a small gift I wanted to share with you guys as a thank you 🙂 I would like to do something much more for you guys. If anyone has any ideas please email me at imaidenswing@gmail.com I really like hearing from you guys because it helps me communicate with others and improve in some way.

As mentioned in paragraph 1 of my post I mentioned that many things have happened here in American. But the saddest thing is the massacre that took place in Connecticut last week. 26 or 27 people died in a school called Sandy Hook, the majority of them were children much younger than me and it’s sad. It really is. The murder soon committed suicide after he heard the sound of police cars and in my point of view his conscious got the best of him. There were brave souls who did risk their lives to save as many children as possible. May God have them in His glory and a moment of silence should be given. Things like these do happen, not only in American, it happens worldwide.

Although there are tragedies that truly impact one’s life, I do want to mention that my winter concert is this Thursday and that it’s my first time playing an instrument in front of others. I hope you guys have enjoyed this post and remember to thank God for each day you wake up alive. These type of things do make you realize how life precious is and all we can do is pray for those who really need some support at this very moment.

Hurricane Sandy Caused Destruction, But God Protected Us and Kept Us Strong + Package from Amazon (Photographs)

Good afternoon WordPress viewers. I am back after five days of being knocked off the electricity line due to hurricane Sandy. The week was long, cold and not in good shape. But that doesn’t mean that humor should be left out! But I’ll tell you now, Sandy was devastating and it brought many winds that caused damage. But I thank God for protecting us and guiding us through the darkness because it was truly shocking to be in the dark for five days straight. Certain days were windier than others and it was very dangerous. The streets were deserted and my neighborhood was like a ghost town during that time. The mornings weren’t sunny and there was lightning (it was a blueish-green color). Trees and branches fell down in my area but in some parts of New Jersey the damage was severe. There were evacuations.

But enough talk about Sandy (it gives me the chills just mentioning it) and allow me to share some better news, the type of news I like to talk about! Art! As I mentioned in one of my recent posts and in the title, I ordered a light box by Artograph on Amazon and I received it yesterday. My goodness! I was very happy just to hold the box in my hands and when I started opening it I squealed. I even sang while opening the box and I thanked God for such a gift that would help me in my art journey!

It was a big box that contained the 10 x 12 in. light box. Here are a few pictures that I took:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My Artwork Was Stolen by a Facebook User

Indeed, one of my pieces have been stolen and used in a contest. I thank Amuy (one of my friends on Facebook) for telling me. This person made me feel bad, but you know what, God healed me right away so I’m strong. It hurts to see people steal something that you worked on for a contest. No one has the right to take anything from you. We’re not perfect but it’s good to realize and fix mistakes.

This drawing was made by me in April for FantageStar1000’s contest.

I circled the differences. She added her own watermark while having mine there. Someone even thought that it wasn’t hers, and yes, it’s not. But I will not curse her, I will send her my blessings instead. If ANYONE sees my art in a place that is not my official blog (or social media accounts and other blogs that I work on) please notify me in a comment or email (imaidenswing@gmail.com). I hope that this does not happen again and thank you for reading!

The Letraset Site Is Having a Clearance!

This morning I was looking around their site and I got surprised to see a 35% sale on things I didn’t see in the ProMarker section. When I clicked the button, bam, the comic sets were there! They’re currently $21.68 (originally $29.01) I was so happy! I just told my mom and I’m going to show her.

If you would like to view the items that you can save on here’s the link: http://www.letraset.com/products/2142-Special-Offer/

But, what do you guys think?

I know what I need more traditional practice, especially in outlining my pictures, I could always wait. The reason why I would get them is because of the sale o: Me and my mind now a days.

I thank God that it’s Friday! Comic making time!


Days get a bit harder, busier and beautiful.

Lately the atmosphere between my classmates hasn’t been clear at all. But that won’t slow me down. Many problems between them all, with immature and rude attitudes. I don’t like it one bit, but I’m not a teacher, but I do report them to their homeroom teacher. Today when it was time for math we had a substitute, and the only reason why I don’t like getting a substitute is because the lack of maturity in the homeroom I follow.

There are people who want to learn, and I thank God for letting me have does people in that homeroom. But I won’t be rude because I know better. Hopefully one day they’ll realize their mistakes, and me I admit that I do yell just so people can lower their voices, I admit it. But at least I can say sorry and correct my mistakes. I don’t write this to be rude.

Lately we’ve been getting work, but it’s not that hard once explained. Sometimes explanations aren’t needed when it’s something old, but getting a refresher is amazing! I love school work and homework, lately we haven’t been getting much homework, but it’s necessary to do it.

Even if there are negative things, there are positive things. Graduation is coming up in June, the state test is coming up next week and the amazing talent show auditions next Friday! I’m a very happy and positive person and I personally think the world is beautiful. My emotions have improved during the time period and I still have hopes! I have to build a new path since it’s a new semester. Time to keep working! I’ll try my best to be more calm at school, even if times get tough.

I have an idea on a new page. Quotes!

Well, for the past few days I’ve been making quotes, and I have received positive feedbacks in return. I would really love to share them with you guys, personally because I think they’re good. Also, I feel like life has got much better, well it has! My grades gave me a big push into doing better in school. But I still have to fix my attitude at home.

I will be putting some updates on the side on the blog (Widget name: Maidens News) so you guys can keep up with me if I don’t post. I’m currently working on my Spanish homework and I should be done soon.

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Thanks for all the support you guys! God bless you all 🙂 I shall be posting more art soon.