Hurricane Sandy Caused Destruction, But God Protected Us and Kept Us Strong + Package from Amazon (Photographs)

Good afternoon WordPress viewers. I am back after five days of being knocked off the electricity line due to hurricane Sandy. The week was long, cold and not in good shape. But that doesn’t mean that humor should be left out! But I’ll tell you now, Sandy was devastating and it brought many winds that caused damage. But I thank God for protecting us and guiding us through the darkness because it was truly shocking to be in the dark for five days straight. Certain days were windier than others and it was very dangerous. The streets were deserted and my neighborhood was like a ghost town during that time. The mornings weren’t sunny and there was lightning (it was a blueish-green color). Trees and branches fell down in my area but in some parts of New Jersey the damage was severe. There were evacuations.

But enough talk about Sandy (it gives me the chills just mentioning it) and allow me to share some better news, the type of news I like to talk about! Art! As I mentioned in one of my recent posts and in the title, I ordered a light box by Artograph on Amazon and I received it yesterday. My goodness! I was very happy just to hold the box in my hands and when I started opening it I squealed. I even sang while opening the box and I thanked God for such a gift that would help me in my art journey!

It was a big box that contained the 10 x 12 in. light box. Here are a few pictures that I took:

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Hurricane Sandy

Hello everyone, IMaidensWing here. I am doing a quick post right now due to the current weather being lived here in the east coast. Sandy, a new hurricane that ahs followed the steps of Irene, is here ready to hit us big time. And this hurricane is bringing a major snow storm (I’m not sure if it’s major, but it’s bringing snow for sure.) This hurricane is bringing powerful winds and while I was outside earlier it was blowing. It was very chilly (I was wearing my school sweater and a hat) and more wind will come in the upcoming days. This has been going on the news all day and they each channel is sharing valuable information for everyone on the east coast; evacuations, flood warnings, wind watches, etc. Many states that are south of New Jersey (or in south New Jersey) have been evacuated.

I am not near the ocean but I am near a river. So we will get flooding here. Governor Chris Christie declared a state of emergency on the news. Sandy will be much tougher than Irene and hopefully lives won’t be lost so easily. Power outages are going to happen so if I don’t post the upcoming days, please forgive me, a power outage may happen so I won’t be able to communicate with you guys if it happens. May God bless you all and may He bless New Jersey and the whole east coast 🙂 Praying would be appreciated from everyone 🙂

My Artwork Was Stolen by a Facebook User

Indeed, one of my pieces have been stolen and used in a contest. I thank Amuy (one of my friends on Facebook) for telling me. This person made me feel bad, but you know what, God healed me right away so I’m strong. It hurts to see people steal something that you worked on for a contest. No one has the right to take anything from you. We’re not perfect but it’s good to realize and fix mistakes.

This drawing was made by me in April for FantageStar1000’s contest.

I circled the differences. She added her own watermark while having mine there. Someone even thought that it wasn’t hers, and yes, it’s not. But I will not curse her, I will send her my blessings instead. If ANYONE sees my art in a place that is not my official blog (or social media accounts and other blogs that I work on) please notify me in a comment or email ( I hope that this does not happen again and thank you for reading!

Blog Updates#2!

Hey guys! If you saw my blog updates post before,you would know what’s going on with the “About Me” page. Well I want to add a few more updates.

I would like to add an advice column page to this site. For all us young/current artists out there,it wouldn’t hurt to have some advice!! You can also give us some advice,just fill out the form that will hopefully be there. I will also be adding some icons I’ve been making! They’re not professional,so please bare with me.

Also,I see that WordPress has been blocked out due to the SOPA and IP act. So the advice column page will be getting started. Well,until next time,I’ll be making us a new header for 2012!!!


This is political things I suppose. I’m just a kid,but of course I watch the news. Now,what I hear is they’re going to censor things just to knock us off.

I don’t agree with this completely. I know we need to be protected since the U.S is being threated by Iran (however the country maybe called)… But for whatever other reason, I don’t know. If it’s going to be a big problem for does who need jobs,then a big fat NO to SOPA and PIPA.  I found this petition right now: Click here I’m watching this on the news right now… So if you say NO sign! Google and Wikipedia are being censored and off…

What’s your opinion about this????

If you look at Google,it’s censored. As a kid,I love the web,even if such horrible things happen. I feel bad for does who won’t find jobs if SOPA and PIPA go on! May the government hear us!!!