Hurricane Sandy Caused Destruction, But God Protected Us and Kept Us Strong + Package from Amazon (Photographs)

Good afternoon WordPress viewers. I am back after five days of being knocked off the electricity line due to hurricane Sandy. The week was long, cold and not in good shape. But that doesn’t mean that humor should be left out! But I’ll tell you now, Sandy was devastating and it brought many winds that caused damage. But I thank God for protecting us and guiding us through the darkness because it was truly shocking to be in the dark for five days straight. Certain days were windier than others and it was very dangerous. The streets were deserted and my neighborhood was like a ghost town during that time. The mornings weren’t sunny and there was lightning (it was a blueish-green color). Trees and branches fell down in my area but in some parts of New Jersey the damage was severe. There were evacuations.

But enough talk about Sandy (it gives me the chills just mentioning it) and allow me to share some better news, the type of news I like to talk about! Art! As I mentioned in one of my recent posts and in the title, I ordered a light box by Artograph on Amazon and I received it yesterday. My goodness! I was very happy just to hold the box in my hands and when I started opening it I squealed. I even sang while opening the box and I thanked God for such a gift that would help me in my art journey!

It was a big box that contained the 10 x 12 in. light box. Here are a few pictures that I took:

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Hurricane Sandy

Hello everyone, IMaidensWing here. I am doing a quick post right now due to the current weather being lived here in the east coast. Sandy, a new hurricane that ahs followed the steps of Irene, is here ready to hit us big time. And this hurricane is bringing a major snow storm (I’m not sure if it’s major, but it’s bringing snow for sure.) This hurricane is bringing powerful winds and while I was outside earlier it was blowing. It was very chilly (I was wearing my school sweater and a hat) and more wind will come in the upcoming days. This has been going on the news all day and they each channel is sharing valuable information for everyone on the east coast; evacuations, flood warnings, wind watches, etc. Many states that are south of New Jersey (or in south New Jersey) have been evacuated.

I am not near the ocean but I am near a river. So we will get flooding here. Governor Chris Christie declared a state of emergency on the news. Sandy will be much tougher than Irene and hopefully lives won’t be lost so easily. Power outages are going to happen so if I don’t post the upcoming days, please forgive me, a power outage may happen so I won’t be able to communicate with you guys if it happens. May God bless you all and may He bless New Jersey and the whole east coast 🙂 Praying would be appreciated from everyone 🙂

Static Chibi Pandy Icon + A Big Thank You to You My Wordpress Viewers!

It’s been a while since I’ve made a pixel icon and I felt very satisfied with this style. I made a pixel base for myself so the next time I work on an icon I won’t have to start from scratch. There have been many things going on in my life, good and bad, so I don’t have all the time in the world to draw, but I have Monday off so that means art time! This icon is 50 x 50 pixels and may be used by Deviant Art users. But please give credit!

I want to give a big thanks to everyone who has visited my website for the last 2 years (yes, this site has been around for over two years 🙂 ). I have finally reached +100 followers and over 19k views! This means that there will be a surprise when this site reaches 20k views! I was very excited to receive the notification from WordPress (I didn’t share the news when I first saw it ^^’) and I could not believe my eyes. Thank you everyone! :mrgreen: I never thought that my site could reach so much success and support from others in such time.  This site has grown (even with my lack of activity now a days) at a moderate pace, not the fastest, but moderate. I thank God for giving me this opportunity to continue my journey in the online world.

I Might Join a 40 Dollar Dollar Digital Art Class That Starts Next Week (Saturday Program)

Good evening to you all! On Friday we got a green form that had a bunch of Saturday classes for 7th and 8th graders in a high school that is not too far from where I live. This form included: algebra, cooking, P.E, digital art,health,science,sign language, ceramics,leadership., scrap-booking,cake decorating and engineering courses. But the digital art course caught my interest and once I read the description, my eyes widen and I could not hold in the excitement within! They have Wacom Cinitqs and Photoshop! This is a great opportunity to try out a different tablet and program. I would like to bring my tablet and Paint Tool Sai along with me since I am very comfortable using them.

My mom wants my dad to pay it though, I wanted to pay it myself but she insisted -v- This is my step into the world of art! Never give up on your dreams, and if God gives you an opportunity in your community, go for it. God gave me this chance (I don’t believe in luck) and so I’ll try my best to grasp it fully.

My Artwork Was Stolen by a Facebook User

Indeed, one of my pieces have been stolen and used in a contest. I thank Amuy (one of my friends on Facebook) for telling me. This person made me feel bad, but you know what, God healed me right away so I’m strong. It hurts to see people steal something that you worked on for a contest. No one has the right to take anything from you. We’re not perfect but it’s good to realize and fix mistakes.

This drawing was made by me in April for FantageStar1000’s contest.

I circled the differences. She added her own watermark while having mine there. Someone even thought that it wasn’t hers, and yes, it’s not. But I will not curse her, I will send her my blessings instead. If ANYONE sees my art in a place that is not my official blog (or social media accounts and other blogs that I work on) please notify me in a comment or email ( I hope that this does not happen again and thank you for reading!

I Became a 7th Grader

Good morning everyone, Maiden here, back from the trip with my cousins and in school. Yesterday I became an official 7th grader and I’m very pleased 🙂 The first day of school was magnificent and full of happiness. I met all of my new teachers and I instantly liked them all. I got my schedule and guess what! I made it into an advanced homeroom!

The first day of school, a morning full of rain and preparation. A morning full of motherly love and prayers. The morning started out good and it got much better when I got to school, even though it was raining. My mom took me to school because she was not working and so that brought me lots joy. Once I got to school I saw many 7th grade students entering our side ready to go into the school that would shelter us from the weather.

I, like many other students, entered the auditorium ready to sit. As I walked along the back a few people said h and I recognized my friends from the past years and the year before, and from my summer program. I was going to sit in the front but I saw my friend Lily. So I decided to sit next to her. I asked for her homeroom number and was surprised when we were not in the same class. It would have been nice to see her in my class.

After that we started talking about other things. A girl came and sat right next to me. I didn’t notice that I’ve seen her before (I think she was from my old school) until I started talking to her. Very nice moment. The next thing you know the auditorium was packed with 7th graders. Getting out was a problem, too many students getting out at once and getting lost is another one. But two men were there helping out the 7th graders that needed help getting to their homeroom. So I asked both of them and yes, I did get lost at first but I made it to my homeroom.

Once I got there I couldn’t believe who was there. Some of my old classmates and summer program friends were there! I was very happy to see them and my new teacher, Mrs.Mieses Leger (she is also my LAL teacher). I personally think that she is kind. Mrs.Mieses Leger gave us a brief biography about herself and it was pretty interesting. Later on we got our schedules (Did I mention that my class could get pretty quiet? That’s the peace I did not feel most of the time in 6th grade).

I felt too much excitement throughout the day, meeting my new teachers, my new chorus teacher, signing up for violin, getting lost. That’s the true positive feeing I want to feel everyday. Now that I’m home (I started this post in the morning but I didn’t have a chance to finish it), I can truly say that middle school is a great time to start being positive. I’m not giving up, even if there may be a few rude people (I barely met any) and I thank God for it all! My teachers are great, my classmates are great, what more can I ask for. A positive experience everyday would make me happy. God bless all of you.

I also want to say sorry for not posting. With school going on and some other things I forget to post or don’t have enough time. I have to shower at 9 P.M and wake up at 6 A.M. I was reading a few mangas earlier so i didn’t publish this. I hope that you guys can forgive me once again. I should be attending this blog and my art duties. Hopefully I can start on Saturday, I come exhausted from school and I all I wanted to do is relax and eat dinner.

1 Week Left! I Finished My Writing Assignment at 10 PM!!

Well, today is the 8th of June, and that means I have 7 days (1 week) left until graduation! I wonder how it’s going to be since I have been told many times that it will be beautiful. I still don’t have my outfit but hopefully I will get it soon. If I don’t find any dress pants I might wear a skirt (that’s my idea).

Like the title says, I finished my writing assignment that was due yesterday at 10 PM because I did not finish it the day before. I was finishing up the 4th paragraph and going on to the 5th in one hour. My mom got mad at me because I was taking so long. I would like to share the story but I’m not fully sure if I should post it. It’s over 10 pages long~ I’m glad that I got to finish, and I thank God for giving me such great ideas.

-Personal Updates- Long Time No Post! Amazing News to Share!

Hello everyone! Long time no post I see. It’s only been 5 days since my last post, and I want to make it up by posting today since it’s Friday. I hope everybody is having a great time with their lives because there is a lot to live and enjoy. This post will be full of positive things that have happened to me this entire week, and I hope you enjoy reading about it.

The talent show has already passed, and that starts the positive feedback. The show for the 6th graders was the 31st of May and yesterday we had the evening show. Both of them went really well, I loved the performances. Each one gave me the urge to clap and cheer. I was a bit nervous for the 6th grade show, but I went on with my speech! I was so happy when I got cheered by the 6th graders and teachers, it made me feel like a different person. A lot of 6th graders (including my classmates from both homerooms), gave me such positive feedback that I wanted to cry.

My traditional skills did not fail me! I want to thank my mom for helping me with the drawings because I would’ve taken longer than expected. I feel like my speech did touch people because somehow two girls from the talent show want what I drew (I was surprised though). My goodness I couldn’t not feel any happier than that, but the next day I got pumped. I was a bit nervous for the evening show because I didn’t want to get there late. But I got there pretty early. We had to start getting there by 5 (only the performers) because the show would start at 5:30 PM. I was so excited when it was my turn and I did not get nervous at all. At the end of my speech I heard so much cheering, I was touched, very touched because of it.

After the whole show was over someone I don’t know tells me that I’m very talented and that my art was cute. I was very flattered. My mom went over to the principal (since she was still there), and she said that I was very talented also. I was very very happy that day and I want to thank everyone who was there.

Now today was a day that surprised me, that gave me the message that I was truly talented and I thank God for this day because it truly put me in a surprised state. Before I skip to the part I want to, I need to say a few things that happened during LAL. My LAL teacher told us that we have to do a realistic-fiction story (I already started) and she read the first two paragraphs (they’re really long, fit for a story), and she loved it! That made me really happy. I enjoy LAL and the days we get to write because I can express my emotions and make up stories. My story is called A Portrait’s Shadow (I can give you guys some details in a different post). My imagination is going wild with this story and it really helped. I thank God for my talent in writing.

So before the period ends I tell her “How do you publish a book?”, and she tells me that there’s this book that’s a bit expensive called Writer’s Market. She says that this book has a lot of information for writers (publishing companies, agents, etc) and I’m saying “woah” and “wow” a lot because I never knew that a book could have such information (it’s updated yearly). She says that I should get the 2012 edition. I just searched it up on Barnes and Nobles and I wish I could look inside of it. She really thinks that I could be a writer (I believe that too of course). My dreams of being noticed by others and doing what I love most is coming true. I’m never going to give up on my dreams~

When it was 9th or 10th period the host of the talent show pulls me out from math to get my art so I can put it on the doors that lead to the balcony of the auditorium. I was in complete shock. I could not believe that my art would be hanged up somewhere in a place were people could see!!! It was near the main office! I felt like crying tears of joy. I thank God so much in that moment. When some people passed by they were looking. Once of the school’s secretaries helped my post them. The DJ for the talent show said that I should come back to the school next year and teach the Cub scouts art lessons. He even said that he would pay me ovo. I was like “what” in my mind. I kind of laughed but I loved the moment. This week was truly amazing.

Today I can work on my comic since I only have LAL homework. I can also rest because I am very tired but happy. I want to say thank you to my online followers, people who like my posts, supporters, classmates, my teachers and everyone who has enjoyed all my blogging since 2010 to the present, you guys have been so nice.

But a big thanks to my mom, and I want to thank God the MOST, because he has led me in the right path and has helped me this year. I only have 2 weeks of school left and I’m moving on to middle school. I’ll be in a summer program so I won’t be on 24/7 the whole summer.

Thank you for reading this post *Bows down*

I read too many comics now a days!

Suddenly my love for comics has come flying through my door,and has increased. I haven’t read this much manga in my life, and I’ve finished reading more than 3 (online) and I can’t seem to think straight at home. But I’m reading romance, school life, and supernatural mixed together. But romance is what I love the most. I can’t believe that most of it takes place in high school years -cries-

But I’m trying my best not to read too much manga. It’s not healthy. I keep laughing too much, or I end up crying. So much emotions in a comic, I seem to be in a weird state. But enough comic talk! I have to give out some updates~

I am doing an art interview for the talent show at school, and I was accepted! I feel very happy and thankful. God has kept me strong through these times and so this strength will be used correctly. I melted when I heard the news~

I will be working on some art since I haven’t posted any lately. In real life I’ve been drawing a bit. I’m sorry if I don’t update enough (comic reading hit me hard on the head). I want to make it up to you guys by finishing up my comic and posting more!

Also, I’ve been getting feedback about the comic, my classmates also told me this, it looks like the first page isn’t very understandable. But I want to explain as much as I can. The first page of chapter one shows a conversation between me and Anne Rain (the protagonist of the story), and later on we are back into reality, Anne gets a call from Smith (the second main character). I hope this clears up any confusion.

I hope you guys don;’t think I’m strange or anything, I really have nothing else to do at home. But I’m glad to post everyday, or when I can. God bless you all, he will give you strength 🙂

The World of Anne Rain Page 1 Line Art Preview -COMIC UPDATE-

Last night I was up late reading chapter 55 of Faster Than a Kiss (amazing comic!), and my friend was over. She was also reading some of it with me. We had some fun talking and playing with a baseball. Later on I was working on the line art for my short comic. I wanted to show you guys what I have so far. The speech bubbles will be made on Paint Net since Sai doesn’t have an ellipse tool. I hope this short comic gets a lot of good online feedback, I’ve got some good ones at school.

I’ve always thought of making a comic, but I never thought that I would actually start and get such nice comments from teachers and students. Dreams do come true~ I’m sorry for not posting much, I’ve been reading a lot of comics on MangaFox, MangaReader, etc. I also feel a bit upset but I thank God for keeping me strong, for He is my light, shield and the person I can always speak my problems to through prayer.

I will post my final product of page one in my next post, I want to show you guys that I’m trying my hardest and enjoying art!