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[CLOSED/] The Battle of The OC’s Contest Post December 5,2011- January 20, 2012



14 thoughts on “Contests

  1. What is Speed Painting ?? 😳 Or one of the painting that Britney Posted? Can you help me draw those?

    • Speed paints are videos that you record while coloring/drawing your picture. It shows the process on how you color/draw a certain image your doing.I record my speed paints with Camstudio and I use Windows Movie Maker (WMM for XP) to speed it up 🙂

      This is a speed paint I uploaded recently:

    • Thank you for commenting c: Like I said to Pandaren, I’m a bit busy (but thanks for the encouragement!) and I’m not sure how many people would join. I posted a poll to see the results. It’s nice to meet you Sammii~

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