My Quotes

Quotes Made in April:

“Even hard days like these keep me connected to God. No matter how many tears I shed” 4-17-12

“A quote for each day, this great day” 4-18-12

“Even though days deserve patience” 4-19-12

“Talent is within you, use it in a good way” 4-19-12

“Pushed to do something positive, always” 4-19-12

“A great moment brings a great future” 4-19-12

“A day of laughs is a day of joy” 4-20-12

“Even a storm has sunlight” 4-20-12

“When the ocean roars, so does my stomach” 4-20-12

“A jump to glory is a jump to the Lord” 4-20-12

“When silence blows, the crowd goes” 4-20-12

“A noisy class sounds like a noisy street that goes beat! beat! beat!” 4-24-12

“Even flaws become perfections” 4-24-12

“Hard days can’t break me” 4-24-12


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