Wattpad Cover Voting!

Now that I am on Wattpad and ready to share my literature, the first piece I will publish is A Dark World That Fades, a poem I created during my school’s book festival. thanks to Caridad de la Luz, “La Bruja”. To go along with this poem I have created two different covers that I need some votes on. Personally, the second cover is more appealing because the background and font are in unison. On the other hand, all comments are appreciated.

Cover 1

Cover 2

Check out more of my artwork at Deviantart! http://imaidenswing.deviantart.com/

Preview of A Dark World That Fades (Stanzas 1-2)

Across the land, a barren wasteland

Stood the darkness in my shining light

Across the wilderness and the waters, across their rejection and the towers,

As my wings fluttered in the empty air,

What a lonely sight to be the only pigeon,

A pigeon who dashed across the tide in the darkness,

Although the world attacked, I leaped and flew away to the blinking lights

They blinked as I guided the lonely world

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Free Chibi Axis Page Doll Style 1

Free Axis Page Doll

For those who enjoy cute chibis and pixels, this page doll is made especially for you! But before downloading it make sure to read my rules. Once you are done skimming and scanning through them, click the image and then the green “Download” button after scrolling down on the page.

This page doll is free to use!


DO NOT claim this artwork as your own

DO NOT retrace this artwork and claim it as your own

DO NOT recolor nor alter the character’s design and claim it as your own

PLEASE give credit if used

DO NOT reupload this page doll onto other websites

Enjoy this chibi experience!

C h a r a c t e r (c) IMaidensWing

Blog Make Over: The Chibi Way!

After being away from Sakura93’s World for approximately 3-4 months, the first thing that came to my mind was a whole new make over for the blog with my most recent piece of Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. With a little bit of editing on Photoshop the header was created along with the drawing’s outline.

Although I have not been posting here I can reassure those who pass by the blog that I continue to create more digital works of art.

Madoka Keychain Design

Madoka Keychain Design

Taras Rin and Len Kagamine Request

Taras Rin and Len Kagamine Request

Fionna the Human Keychain Design

Fionna the Human Keychain Design

Stocking Keychain

Stocking Keychain Design

More artwork can be found at my Deviant Art account: http://imaidenswing.deviantart.com/

I never post on here..

Lol, I never post on here. >.< sorry sakura. I don’t do anything on SAI, I cant even download it. and i cant get the pics i drew to be scanned. >.> bleh. sorry for the short post, but i never do anything properly anymore. i dont even bother to do edits. So Sakura, chu can prob delete me or something. its another school year and exams are coming up again, i don’t even have time to take care of my own blog. so sorry.


Pixels and More Pixels By IMaidensWing + Updates in My Artistic Journey + Maiden’s Pixel Lottery Checklist on Deviantart

Atelier’s OC contest entry – Cotton Candy (left), Toph from Avatar the Last Airbender request (center/middle/pixel #2), and Nagisa from Clannad Maiden’s Pixel Lottery prize for Peacegirl917 (right). These pixels are NOT to be used by any online users except the corresponding users, but I will take any pixel requests 🙂

Contest Entry Chibi-Toph-Icon-Animated-Request Chibi-Nagisa-Icon-Animated-Colored-Contest-Prize-Pixel-Lottery-Special

Brief art updates:

-After ordering 2 books off Barnes and Noble’s online shop, I finally received them on Saturday. I purchased Shojo Fashion Manga Art School by Irene Flores and Mastering Manga With Mark Crilley, and I am very excited to have them 🙂

-I’m learning how to use Photoshop CS3 for animating my pixels.

-Recently I’ve received very kind comments from various Deviantart users on my most recent pieces of artwork shown above.

Even though I have given these brief art updates I would also like to mention that I am currently writing up an application for NJ Seeds, a program that is currently running around the state of New Jersey for 7th graders (there is also a program for younger grades if you look around). This program is to help students, like myself, who have financial problems and excellent grades/NJ ASK scores.

The application is 7 pages long but I have filled in 90% of it and I’m currently working my way through writing the essays they’re asking for meanwhile I’m still trying to keep up with my regular school assignments as well. With the help of God I’ve managed to do many things this year such as supporting my peers, getting my art out there, and sharing the belief of His existence 😀 Thank you for the support WordPress friends! And my sincerest apologizes for the inactivity 😦 If you would like to see more uploads please check out my Deviantart account and please don’t forget that I won’t stop posting here. WordPress is my home and I’m here to stay.

Free Icon – Chibi Valentina Icon Animated Created on Photoshop CS3




Hello there WordPress friends!It’s been a while since my last post but here’s my most recent animation. But this time I’m using Photoshop CS3 to animate! Thanks to my dear friend Hxixrox I could get this version of an amazing yet complex program. Please note that this icon is free to use for any Deviantart users but please make sure to properly credit me if you do use it.

Color – Original Anime Illustration By IMaidensWing (WIP) – A Step into Drawing in the Anime Style Once More

Color Anime Illustration WIP

After joining JustBeBro’s (DarkAbsol) livestream yesterday, art was the main topic in our conversation. With compliments and kindness going about, our friendship had grown a bit stronger. I enjoyed watching the way she colored the image she was working on Paint Tool Sai and I asked her a few questions on how she did it. Her friendly replies and support encouraged me to try something new and thus I worked on this drawing. But I also did another piece of artwork yesterday that I’m really happy to have done. God has given me the blessing to be an artist and to have amazing friends who are there giving me grand advice that hopefully will stay in my memory.

Maiden’s Pixel Lottery 20,000 Blog Views Special PDF – Invitation to All Deviants! (Draft/Preview)

Maidens Pixel Lottery PDF Preview Draft 2

After sharing the news of Maiden’s Pixel Lottery with a quick upload I did on Deviantart, mentioning the contest’s existence would take some work. And this article will hopefully help out in the process. As a young artist I decided to mix my talent of writing and art to make an unbelievable article. This quick preview is for you my dear WordPress friends and viewers to show the article I’m working on, even though it’s just a draft. I feel like it can improve and that’s why I’m asking for your opinions. A quick comment wouldn’t hurt in fact, it would actually be helpful because as a writer constructive criticism is important.

Briefly I would like to give a big thanks to everyone who has liked my posts and have commented on specific ones recently. I’m sorry for not replying to all of you, but remember, I do read your lovely comments 🙂

Pandy Button Design (2.25 Button Design) With a Watermark

If I get a chance to make buttons in the future this would be one of many designs that I would sell. But if my style were to improve then I would make a better version of this drawing.

Button size: 2.25 Inch – 400 DPI

Pandy Button Design Sample W Watermark Template from AmericanButtonMachines website.

Possible questions:

Q. Do you own Photoshop?

A. I currently do not own Photoshop and I thank God that Gimp converted the template to an RGB file. Gimp is my alternative to Photoshop for editing and adding text to my art.

Q. What size is this button?

A. The original size of this beautiful button is 2.25 inches in diameter.

Q. Are you selling this button by any chance?

A. Right now I am not selling any buttons because I do not have the proper equipment to make them. Hopefully in the future I’ll start selling them, I don’t have enough funds to buy the kit I want from AmericanButtonMachines.

Q. How did you do the white outline on the text?

A. I found a tutorial on a website called Gimpology.

AmericanButtonMachines is a website that makes buttons directly from the US and sells a variety of button materials. SixCentPress is an alternative for those who live in Canada.

Copic update: Earlier today my mother brought me the 3 Copic Sketch markers I purchased off Oozak after days of waiting. The colors are: YR000 – Silk, RV52 – Cotton Candy and E99 – Baked Clay, this means I have 18 markers in my collection 🙂