Request a Tutorial

Welcome viewers! I see that you have check out my main tutorials page 😀 Here you can request almost any tutorial you’d like! It’s so easy that you can comment on what you need 🙂

What I won’t do:

  • Game tutorials
  • Mature tutorials (You know what I mean)
  • If you want to personally request a tutorial email me at and I will reply as fast as I can!


34 thoughts on “Request a Tutorial

  1. Hi! Could you do a tut for Pandy in a ball gown? If you have Paint.NET could you do it there? I was also wondering if you could do a pic of Pandy and one of her friends with her for me. I would l♥ve to have a pic from you. I will also give you FULL credit for the pics!!

    P.S. Chan is my new title since I have been reading a book called Extras by Scott Westerfeld

  2. Hi IMaidensWing! I was wondering if it was safe to download Paint Tool SAI. I use Windows Vista(that’s what it says on the sticker =3). I really want it but I do not know the damage it could possibly do to my computer..

      • Thanks again! Wait, one more thing, have you ever signed up here: ? if not then a person like you should. If so then whats ur Username? Mine is KK70014

  3. Well, just do what you do here. Post your custom items, post in the SAI pics page(Paint.NET too if you have the program) and just, ya know, do what you do. Just be you! 😀 You can make pages if you like too.

    • Hi Tara 🙂 Thanks for requesting a tutorial, I’m glad to receive it. Of course I’ll make a tutorial for this character. I;ll try my best! You will be added to my list.

      I work on tutorials after art trades and requests because they take much more time. I hope you can wait though ^.^

      • Always have, always will. He is my creator. I know that there are people who don’t believe in Him but trust me, he does exist. He has changed me, I am no longer the immature child I was before. I’m not perfect, only He is.

        God sent His son, our savior Jesus Christ, to this earth to save us from sin and so I give a big thanks to Him. I don’t have to believe in science. God isn’t a religion. I’m Catholic but I don’t pray to the Virgin Mary.

        100% believer! I won’t offend you if you don’t believe in Him. I don’t want to start a war because of this. I won’t judge anyone. But one day many people will realize that God is there. He loves everyone, even the non-believers. Sorry if you feel offended.

      • I hope we’re not standing on bad grounds, I think you’re a nice person but please understand that we’re all different, we might meet up with people who don’t have the same belief as us. I recorded your request already. Thank you once again Tara. It was nice talking to you 🙂

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